Sculpting the Dance with Dorit Levinstein

Born in Israel in 1956, Dorit Levinstein studied at the Technion and the Avi Institute of Art. Torn between painting and sculpture, Dorit Levinstein longed for a synthesis between the two. Earlier in her career, she felt that painting brought out her existential angst, while sculpture brought her a sense of lightness, continuous flow, sensuality, and joy. Dorit’s work, therefore, is challenging, but not heavy. Her colors, patterns, and textures compliment each sculpture’s spare, elegant lines and exquisite elasticity. Her focus on flowing, continuous form tempered with her playful patterns flatten her images, resulting in her signature freedom and playfulness. Dorit calls her process a “dance with two lead dancers,” where she surrenders her ego to allow the sculpture to direct her, in what she calls a “choreography of matter.”

Dorit Levinstein’s monumental works of art are humbling and grand– these sculptures will take your breath away. Levinstein, who doesn’t make any preliminary sketches, works intuitively in her studio, “drawing” even these gigantic three-dimensional images in space. Ride alongside “LE CHEVALIER,” take a romp with “RENOIR DANCERS,” join Dorit’s adorable “FAMILY,” or give your lover a six-foot “SINGLE ROSE.” Looking up at these sculptures will give you a chance to completely immerse yourself in Dorit’s colorful, animated sculptures. An immense pleasure, the size of these sensual works will surprise and exhilarate you.

Our society consumes our heroes the same way we consume coca-cola. Addicted addicted to the gossip and lore surrounding our modern icons, we pay no real attention to understanding their intimate dimensions. In her collection, “I LOVE ICONS” Dorit looks at these figures with naked eyes, and entreats you to draw new conclusions about modern icons. Who do we worship and why?

Dorit’s bronze animals are more than physical representations of their real-life counterparts, but spiritual manifestations of their true essence. “TURTLE,” symbolizes longevity in its slowness, Dorit materializes the notion of being in the moment in every step, of taking things slowly and experiences them deeply. The roar of Dorit’s “LION” embodies those of us who care, who scream, and is dedicated to those who do not keep silent, but who mobilize to change social order. Dorit Levinstein’s preoccupation with animals reveals itself as an elaboration of human nature, deeply meaningful, enlightening and inspiring.

In addition to her work as a fine artist, Dorit has also enjoyed teaching sculpture and painting to women in her studio since the 1980s. Dorit’s work can be found in private collections globally, and is exhibited in galleries all over the world.

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