Relaxing Art: Making Your Home A Haven

In times of turmoil or uncertainty, we search for a haven. Relaxing art offers refuge from the chaos. Seeking relaxation can be an unconscious pursuit, but by surrounding ourselves with beauty, we mindfully create a sanctuary of peace.

Gazing at a work of art stops time. Absorbed in a painting or sculpture, it is possible to recognize patterns and aftereffects that are otherwise invisible at first glance. Art is not only a respite or an escape but a considerable tool for gaining perspective in times of trouble.



Awakening Happiness

Art naturally inspires emotion. Eden Gallery exclusive artist David Kracov is known for his colorful artwork that blooms with vibrant hues, awakening feelings of happiness in all who view them. In the words of the artist himself, “The viewer becomes entranced by what they see and perceive…they see it as an extension of themselves”.


The Butterfly Effect - David Kracov - Relaxing Art

Reflections - David Kracov - Aspen Gallery

Behind each of Kracov’s artworks is a thought-provoking story. His sculpture, ‘The Butterfly Effect’ is inspired by stories he has heard from people describing what butterflies mean to them. In particular, the theory that a butterfly can flap its wings and trigger a hurricane across the globe is symbolic of the ripple effect of humans’ own tiny gestures on one another, and by extension, the entire world.

Awaken happiness by visiting David Kracov’s exclusive collection here.


A Lyrical Dreamworld

The expression of a lyrical dreamworld is put to canvas by Yoel Benharrouche. The act of gazing at his tranquil scenes becomes the proverbial place where you can rest your head, close your eyes, and peacefully bask in the moment.

LA DANSE DES ANGES - Yoel Benharrouche - Relaxing Art

Journey to a place beyond the stars or take in the sapphire serenity of a city view. Each of Benharrouche’s paintings becomes more than a colorful intonation of peace. With brushstrokes that create gently curving shapes and dreamy evocations of a spiritual world, the viewer finds sanctuary in a magical microcosm.

Experience the peaceful collection by Yoel Benharrouche here.



Summer Tranquility

The calming artwork of Jo+Coco is unique in its ability to soothe the gaze of the viewer. In their scenes of summer tranquility, precise yet gentle waves of color move the eye across the artwork in the same way that ripples move across the surface of the water.

Indeed, many of their paintings include water in some way. By drawing out the perspective from pools to ocean views, it is possible to step into the shoes of an observer standing inside the artwork itself.

REMEMBERING CALDER - Jo+Coco - Relaxing Art

The painting may show a stately home, but any feeling of dwelling in that space is temporary and ultimately inconsequential as the gaze is inexorably drawn outward towards a scene of natural beauty.

REFLEXES - Jo+Coco - Relaxing Art

In this way, Jo+Coco takes the viewer by the hand and offers ways to quiet the mind through their relaxing art. Therapy for the art lover is there for the taking. Dreamlike reminisces of the waning days of summer remind us to breathe in times of uncertainty.

Soak in the tranquility of summer in Jo+Coco’s collection here.


Notes of Warmth

Calman Shemi’s use of color results in compositions that are as bright as they are warm. Staying true to his distinctive “notes” of paint, Shemi’s artwork is illuminating, emitting joy from its gently vibrant hues.

Golden Dove - Calman Shemi - Calman Shemi Art

In Golden Dove, peaceful emotion is evoked not through a literal representation of the title, but through the warmth of the golden background, and the luminescent amalgamation of colors. Whether relaxing art grants you inner peace or a brief moment of stress relief, viewing Calman Shemi’s paintings is simply balm for the eyes.

Explore Calman Shemi’s bright collection of fine art here.



A Moment of Leisure

Escape to a surreal place that exists only in the world of Angelo Accardi. Float along the lazy river or through the air in a hot air balloon. In Accardi’s artwork, every moment of leisure is forever immortalized.

Hot Air Balloon - Angelo Accardi - Relaxing Art

View more of Accardi’s collection here.

Homer in Relax - Angelo Accardi - International Artists Day

The aquamarine of the water, the pink streaks of the sky, these are works of art that joyfully entertain in their elaborations. Meanwhile, the viewer is still inspired to relax, unwind, and, if possible, find a moment of repose in a favorite pastime.


The Art of Relaxation

Art can be the antidote to disorder and stress. Looking at artwork may not actively change what is happening in the world but it serves as a vehicle to brush away the cobwebs in our head. In finding clarity in the perspective of a piece of art, we begin to find a new way to relax our minds and ourselves.

Experience Eden Gallery’s inspiring collections of fine art here.



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