New York Gallery Landscape

New York Art Galleries

New York’s gallery landscape is not only vast but also remarkably varied, with galleries as plentiful as coffee shops New York City does not lack in an artistic milieu. Scattered throughout New York City’s five boroughs are some 1,500 galleries, mostly clustered in Manhattan. This is considered the highest concentration of galleries anywhere in the world. When looking for the most influential art cities in the world, New York City will likely come out on top. In reference to contemporary art, art galleries, major art institutions, and even the art market, New York City sets the bar in scale and innovation.

Historic architecture, fine art galleries, and the colorful street art construct an artistic vibe unique to each of Manhattans neighborhoods. Art connoisseurs, tourists, and locals can be occupied indefinitely visiting the multiple world-famous institutions, international galleries, and local studios. 

New York Gallery Landscape

Art New York

The famous streets of New York have artistic vibes each uniquely their own. In authentic New Yorker fashion, you should spend a day (or multiple) walking the historic streets. While on these stimulating walks, you will find all sorts of art; historic architecture, famed street art, and fine art galleries everywhere. The artwork will amaze you! You will find the biggest names in the art world alongside up and coming art students filling up the swarms of galleries lining the streets everywhere. Gallery and brunch, the real New Yorker style.

New York Gallery Landscape

Soho Art Galleries

The historic buildings of SoHo give you a glimpse into the past. The walls keep within them reminders of the turn of the Industrial Revolution, the transformation to the homestead of the ‘starving artists’ of Manhattan, and finally as the luxurious and lavish neighborhood that we know it as today.

In the ’70s and ’80s, SoHo was one of the best-known art districts in New York City with a worldly reputation for spearheading the graffiti art genre. The buildings that were initially built as spacious factories, not meeting residential standards, became the ideal living space for artists that couldn’t afford rent in a typical Manhattan apartment. Nobody had money, the streets were dangerous, and everybody was a ‘martyr’ to the arts. This was the time of Keith HaringJean-Michel Basquiat, and other significant contributors to the pop art genre.

Now wholly revamped, the iron-clad buildings no longer house poor artists, but have been renovated to fit in with the standards of this elite neighborhood. SoHo is currently a buzzing enclave of instagrammable cafes and a hot spot for contemporary art. High-end galleries and designer boutiques line the cobblestone streets everywhere you look.

New York Gallery Landscape

Madison Avenue Art Galleries

Madison Avenue is well established as the shopping center for the world’s most elite clientele. As often depicted in pop culture, Madison Avenue became synonymous in its early years with the advertising industry. For over 100 years this famed street has been the epicenter for the American advertising industry.

The streets are still reminiscent of the televised series Mad Men, romanticizing the heyday of the high-pressure advertising industry conspicuous with the avenue itself, despite many of the agencies moving elsewhere in the city. However, now Madison Avenue is famed for its polished selection of high-end shops and elegant storefronts. Only the creme of the crop remains on this cosmopolitan street. Haute couture fashion houses and powerhouse art galleries remain. Society’s finest gather here to shop for fine art and jewelry.

New York Gallery Landscape

Best Art Galleries Nyc

The New York City landscape is carved out of historic brick buildings, elegant townhouses, and awing high-rises. Amongst all of these iconic buildings around the city’s many neighborhoods are fine art galleries. Everywhere you turn you are sure to find one representing artists both highly established as well as emerging artists. Wander through the streets and explore the galleries you stumble upon or plan out a tour of the best. There is always a different exhibition to explore, or a new artist to see.

If you’re wondering where to visit on your next tour of New York’s elite galleries, have a look at Eden Fine Art. With two Manhattan locations, this international gallery has made its mark on the contemporary art scene. Get travel inspiration from the New York Travel Guide and find out more about Eden Gallery here.

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