Monopoly Round Two

Global graffiti artist, Alec Monopoly, made another special appearance at Eden Gallery's beautiful Mykonos location. 

The artist's fearless signature artwork portrays a paradoxical message about luxury and excess through vibrant canvases and chromium polyester sculptures. Monopoly also participates in unique collaborations as a "new means of expression" and even translates his work onto a watch face or a handbag. His commentary on consumerism through a critique of cartoonish villains displays the effects of capitalism and how it is deeply ingrained in our culture.

During Monopoly's last visit to the Mykonos gallery, he shocked guests with an unforgettable event within one of the world's most glamorous seaside locations. Visitors enjoyed a spectacular show with live signings of Monopoly's innovative creations and an exclusive live tagging on a wall located right outside the gallery.

Alec’s most recent appearance included a captivating live tagging on a large and vibrant canvas located on the roof of the gallery building. Guests spent the day exploring his unconventional graffiti style that transforms characters such as the Monopoly Man, Scrooge Duck, and Richie Rich into 21st-century icons. Visitors also had the opportunity to indulge in photos and autographs while listening to a live DJ set by the Monopoly man himself.

Eden Gallery artist Alec Monopoly is one of the most well-known modern-day street artists in the contemporary art world. His urban artistic styles have received massive international acclaim. If you couldn't visit Alec Monopoly's artwork in Mykonos, explore the Eden Gallery website to view his latest collection, or visit your nearest Eden Gallery location today.


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