Mirrored Art

Eden Gallery artist, Joseph, was born in Paris on October 22, 1961. The Parisian artist received training in architecture at EPI Eduation Group, and graphic arts at Sornas before eventually finding his true passion at the prestigious École des Beaux-Arts studying painting and design.

He found himself fascinated by the “New Realism Movement”’ through being inspired by the vibrant work of Villéglé and Hain. Yet, it was the work of Antoni Tapies, a Spanish painter, sculptor and art theorist, who had been determining for him. Tapies sparked Joseph's curiosity as a painter, specifically on the essential intervention of pigments and pastes as the only form of expression.

Through a striking combination of metal work and mixed media abstraction, Joseph creates beautiful artworks that consist of mirrored steel and cut-out words that send a signal to his audience, giving the intuition of what he sees. Beneath the surface of the words, Joseph adds an abstract landscape of concrete and color.

Joseph includes a variety of different backgrounds to fill in the negative space underneath the steel cut-out words. Each unique mixture includes an assortment of colors that are layered on top of each other to create a vibrant and distinct interior.

“Love Roses”, a unique mixed media installation, is filled with elegant pink and white roses that peek through each letter beneath the mirrored steel. Many of his artworks are also packed with “Rose Viewx Gris Fond’ which is a landscape created through a mixture of gray and beige, mimicking a long standing stone wall. Artworks such as “Where is the truth” is just one of many that use a stone like mural below the mirrored exterior.

Each artwork propels his audience into a conversation with the artist.  He was a part of a new generation of artists who included dialogue within their artworks to make a statement that forced his viewers to confront their reasoning and contemplate their inner worlds.

Influenced by popular culture, the phrases that Joseph chooses to include within his work often break down barriers and challenge social expectations. His artwork consists of sharp reminders of our most human vulnerabilities while simultaneously pushing us to be our best selves.

Joseph represents a uniquely modern approach to creation. His inspiring and beautiful artwork sparks conversation and always makes an unforgettable statement.

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