Love as Art

World Heart Day, celebrated on September 29th, is a global campaign that unites individuals worldwide to participate in the fight against heart disease. This day drives international action toward beating the cardiovascular disease (CVD) and encourages heart-healthy living while reducing the global disease burden. World Heart Day inspires others to engage with this critical cause to help achieve cardiovascular health for every heart.  

Eden Gallery honors World Heart Day this year by commemorating a selection of heart-inspired artworks. Through a series of three layered metal wall sculptures, David Kracov invites viewers into his world of heart-shaped thoughts and emotions. His kaleidoscopic theme and vibrant color palette never fail to bring his artwork to life.

Kracov continues to expose his heart and feelings through his sculptures so that his viewers can see what he loves with "New York in My Heart." This sculpture displays his passion for New York City during the 70s and 80s, when starving artists sold their creations on the sidewalks, sharing their ideas with the world in the hope that they would be an inspiration to others. "New York in My Heart" are just two examples of the many heart-shaped sculptures that Kracov has created. Each sculpture is profoundly unique, radiating adoration for what he loves the most.

Through the symbol of the heart, David Kracov represents his abstract ideas while spreading love to the masses. "Book of Love," a freestanding 3D metal sculpture that illustrates an open book as colorful hearts flow out and soar towards the sky. His inspiration for this sculpture derived from his love for reading and his passion for poetry. He believes that famed poets E.E Cummings, Robert Frost, Sylvia Plath, and Maya Angelou's words were like colors being applied to a canvas. Watching an artist paint and see the colors used and transform into what one's mind wants to see is the same reaction Kracov gets from reading words of poetry. Each "Book of Love" that Kracov creates includes different poems from the poets he admires, as well as his thoughts and emotions. This series of sculptures express love for the written word and pays tribute to those who can transform words into worlds, reminding his viewers that they can not open a book with a closed mind.

Exclusive Eden artist Dorit Levinstein invites viewers into her world of forms, figures, and colors through her eye-catching and vivid sculptures. Each hand-painted aluminum "Love" sculpture includes continuous virtuosic lines and rhythmic patterns that dominate her viewer's eyes at each glance. Similarly, through the aesthetic stimulation of shapes, colors, and materials, Eden Gallery artist, PLUM, spreads the love through each unique mixed media and feather composition. His creation, "Jungle Love," comes in many variations, each displaying a colorful array of feathers in the shape of an elegant heart. PLUM is also heavily enlightened by the outstanding work of Robert Indiana. PLUM pays tribute to his world-famous "Love" compositions by echoing the late artist's work while adding his unique touch of vibrant feathers covering the surface of each letter.

At Eden Gallery, we celebrate World Heart Day's inspiring mission and the values they represent. To explore more heart-inspired artworks, visit the Eden Gallery website or visit your nearest Eden Gallery location today. 

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