JOSEPH’s Use of Political and Social Symbolism in His Art


Using Political and Social Symbolism to Create Thought-Provoking Art

With a unique approach to art, Joseph incorporates political and social issues using symbols and imagery. He often uses words as a primary means to convey his message, and his work is known for its provocative and sometimes controversial nature.

Mirrored Steel and Cut-Out Words that Challenge Social Expectations

One of the most prominent features of Joseph's artwork is his use of political and social symbolism. Through a combination of metalwork and mixed media abstraction, he creates mirrored steel and cut-out words that interact with various backgrounds to fill in negative space and create dynamic and distinctive interiors.

Uncovering the Meaning of Love: Joseph's Thought-Provoking Installation Art

Joseph's use of political and social symbolism challenges social expectations and introduces his audience to a vast range of differing perceptions. His artwork consists of sharp reminders of our most human vulnerabilities while simultaneously pushing us to be our best selves.

For example, his mixed media installation titled "There is No Love There is Only Proof of Love" invites his audience to uncover the meaning of love. Joseph suggests that the whole point of love is to feel it, and whatever love one might feel will only be visible through their actions toward their loved ones.


Confronting Mortality: Joseph's Bold Installations

Additionally, his bold installation titled "Don't Forget That You Are Going to Die" forces his viewers to confront their disposition. Joseph states the simple and undeniable truth, leaving his audience pondering the thin line separating life from death. Although the message may seem morbid, it highlights death's powerful influence on society. Death is inevitable and inescapable, leaving each individual to accept their mortality and contemplate their approach to life.

Breaking Down Barriers: Joseph's Powerful Use of Political and Social Symbolism in Art

Influenced by popular culture, Joseph chooses phrases that break down barriers and challenge social expectations. His use of political and social symbolism is a powerful tool that makes a statement and draws emotion. Through his artwork, he continues to create unforgettable statements about the world around us. To see more of his artwork, visit Eden Gallery.


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