International Artist Day

Contemporary Art has normalized uniqueness by exceeding its aesthetic pleasure and adding immense value to everyone's lives. Its expanse of freedom through an array of dynamic materials, methods, concepts, and subjects encourages people to view still life in a renewed way. Through bold and re-defined creations, Contemporary art constantly expands the idea of what is considered a work of art, celebrates differences, and allows for artists to uncover various artistic approaches.


Through paving new creative avenues with their unique styles, Exclusive Eden Gallery contemporary artists have embraced new mediums and technologies that make them stand apart from their peers. Angelo Accardi, the artist at the forefront of modern art, continues to push artistic boundaries by paying homage to pop culture figures and the old and historic. His deeply relevant creations bring a humorous eye to his contemporary expression while giving a distinct lens to the past and present.

Street art legend Alec Monopoly, challenges the elite of the world in his displays of putting beloved childhood characters into comedic scenarios involving the world’s richest. The Monopoly Man is the prime front of Contemporary art, portraying the world unjust through a modern, globally understood lens.


Globally acclaimed muralist Eduardo Kobra, demonstrates the coherent ability to combine the beauty in his kaleidoscope art, with beautiful critique of international and historical prejudice. The exclusive Eden Gallery artist exhibits humanitarianism in the 21st century through his philanthropic involvement and shedding light in his art, on how we as a society can contribute to righting the world's wrongs.

Art mediums continuously evolve with time, and as advances in artificial intelligence continue, artists use technology to expand their artistic horizons. Through experimenting with 3D design, Gal Yosef, exclusive Eden artist, brings innocent characters to life and creates hyper realistic portraits that test the boundary between reality and imagination. The artist's highly detailed cartoon verse is inspired by a money-obsessed, contemporary society filled with life and character.


Dorit Levinstein exemplifies modern art's beauty through her universe of forms, figures, and colors, defining the contemporary art world with boundary-breaking art. Developing a signature approach to her craft, Levinstein fills each sculpture with vivid colors and rhythmic patterns that mesmerize her audience at each glance.

Contemporary artwork can ??engage the eye and mind, given its aesthetic value. Animator and artist David Kracov explores several different themes and mediums through various art forms that promote an internal dialogue within the viewer that can be transformative to their mindset. His vibrant color palette shines through his meticulous artworks, bringing each one to life. Kracov has left an undeniable mark on the world of contemporary art that has influenced and inspired the art world.


Yoel Benharrouche takes advantage of bold colors and abstract figures to elevate his work to a visually poetic experience by exploring a metaphysical world within each of his paintings. A dream translated into a reality, Benharrouche fills the contemporary art world with spiritual inspirations that celebrate the history of humanity. The artist's creations captivate every meaning, reaction, and reflection in his mind and heart that he wants to reveal to the world. Yet, Benharrouche and his artwork are one of the same, a singular entity representing a distinct self.

Modern art is more profound than what is seen on the surface, creating a thought-provoking experience for its audience. SN exemplifies these trends that characterize contemporary art through his unique creations that nourish the heart and the eye. The influential mixed media artist includes dynamic black-and-white photographs brought to life through 3D butterflies. SN goes beyond the clear image by displaying the world's majestic wonders and evoking emotion within each picture.


Artists use different mediums to create incredible contemporary art. While SN captures the art form's essence through intricate photographs, F&G (Fratz & Gio) explore an unconventional approach to art through a series of free-standing sculptures that capture the nature of modern society stimulated by pop culture and consumerism. Using a combination of materials such as plexiglas, aluminum, and neon lights, F&G is constantly finding new ways to express themselves within their contemporary artwork.

Contemporary art is infused with immense energy that resonates with impact and feeling. Projecting a breathtaking visual experience, Metis Atash can do the same through her glamorous Swarovski Crystals Sculpture that can brighten any room. The artists' work pulsates with a mysterious force that captures conceptual, minimalist, and pop art traditions.  



Artist Plum commits to modern artistry through his creatively drawn inspiration from famous art pieces throughout art history and mainstream media. He imaginatively uses feathers to re-create his own rendition of notable works of art, bringing a contemporary touch to his pieces while keeping a luxe artistic aesthetic. 

As the most diverse and widely-collected era of artists' production, Contemporary art is ever-evolving, constantly finding new means of expression within the art world. To see more contemporary artwork from our exclusive Eden Gallery artists, explore our Eden Gallery website or visit a gallery near you.

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