Inspirational Sculptures from David Kracov

David Kracov sculptures burst with color and excitement, warming the onlooker’s heart. The explosive motifs that escape from his art emit huge, positive energy that has charmed audiences across the globe. Immerse yourself in his imaginative art through our new 360 degree videos and experience his optimistic world up close.

Book of Life

“Each character I sculpted, and every butterfly I painted, transported me in my mind to ghettos of Terezin, to the trains to Auschwitz. I wanted to give the children who perished at Auschwitz a goodbye. No matter how short their lives were, their lives will go on forever in mt thoughts. It is far too easy to see the bad, but it is the beauty that emerges from a tragedy that inspires me. Pavel Friedmann’s poem, “The Butterfly,” has been one of my single greatest inspirations. It is that very observation of finding beauty in something so small when surrounded by nothing but bleakness.” – Kracov

View Book of Life here.


“When I paint, I travel to another place, each time different, depending on my mood. But music always plays a role in my mental travels. I find jazz to be very similar to how I create my sculptures. Listening to a jazz musician jam is an incredible experience, especially for someone like me, with no musical talent. How a musician begins playing without any preconceived music sheets from which to follow and then just allows the rhythm of the music to flow through his mind, into his hands, then to the instrument, is how I create my sculptures. Allowing the creation in my mind to flow to my hand, through my brush, and onto the metal, is a magical experience that in my lifetime, has yet to become dull.” – Kracov 

View Tchaikovsky here.


Book of Love

“I love to read, and from an early age, I enjoyed poetry. The words of Cummings, Frost, Plath, and Angelou were like colors being applied to a canvas. Watching an artist paint and seeing the colors applied and transform into what your mind wants to see is the same reaction I get from reading the words of prose and poetry. The words begin to form into visions in my mind, transforming from a spoken to a visual experience. “The Book of Love” is my expression of the love of the written word, and pays homage to those who can transform words into worlds. Each and every “Book of Love” includes different poems from poets I have admired, as well as my own personal thoughts. I never know what will fill the pages until I sit down and begin writing. Only then do my thoughts begin to flow, and the pages transform into the sculpture.” – Kracov Book of Love here.

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