Did You Hear Who Moved Into Mayfair?

Historic Mayfair Welcomes a New Neighbor – Eden Fine Art

Mayfair’s affluence in the West End of London originates with a royal pedigree reaching back into Medieval times. The Grosvenor family (later the Dukes of Westminster) developed the land, creating parks, squares, and some of the upper-class homes surrounding them. In fact, Mayfair gets its name from the annual “May Fair,” that took place from 1686 to 1764 in that very spot, and though Historic Mayfair has been updated since its Medieval founding, it has maintained the same spirit of community, opulence, and high society.

So, whether you live in London, or you’re just visiting, skip the museums and take a stroll down New Bond Street, the epicenter Mayfair Village, where you can enjoy the high-society city streets surrounding Buckingham Palace as the backdrop of your artistic adventure. Gallery visits are one of the best ways to stay on top of an ever-changing contemporary art scene, and even the competitive world of auction art, there’s more than enough to see. London’s high-profile galleries have long garnered international attention, but no neighborhood in London is more celebrated for their artistic tastes than Mayfair Village and their galleries.

If you’re looking for your next important art purchase, or even just a good place to look around, Eden Fine Art is only a few minutes from the famous Hanover Square, and boasts some of the most colorful contemporary art in Mayfair’s gallery district. Previously home to Christie’s Auction and Private Sales, Eden Fine Art brings a youthful, contemporary energy to 103 Bond St. that heightens the vintage character of its gallery predecessor. Founded by Cathia Klimovsky, Eden Fine Art promotes a consistent artistic direction by curating a contemporary expression that conveys an optimistic and colorful view on life.

Cathia’s eye is razor sharp, and her collection is elegant, diverse, and cutting-edge. She has filled this brand-new space with some of the most innovative and boundary-breaking international art on the market, ranging from New Pointillism pioneer Gavin Rain to Pop Art favorite, David Kracov all the way to celebrity street and graffiti artist Alec Monopoly. Don’t miss their newest talents, including Angelo Accardi and Rakel Wajnberg. The staff at 103 Bond St. is welcoming and knowledgeable, and they’ll be happy to let you walk around and explore Eden Fine Art’s gigantic four-story gallery. But this space is so full of fantastic art, you might leave with a new piece for your home.

103 Bond. Street, London
HOURS: 9AM – 9PM / Monday – Sunday
CONTACT: / info@eden-gallery.com

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