Flowers in Art History

Flowers have been a popular subject in art for centuries. In traditional art, flowers were often used to symbolize religious or spiritual themes, as well as to represent the beauty of nature. In the language of flowers, different blooms were said to represent different meanings, such as love, purity, or sorrow. In contemporary art, artists use flowers as a form of self-expression and exploration of the human experience. See how Eden Gallery artists, Dorit Levinstein, Angelo Accardi, Calman Shemi, Daniel Gastaud and Plum all use flowers in their art to make it more meaningful and beautiful.



In a symphony of grace and elegance, each sculpture created by Dorit Levinstein is a delicate dance of colors and forms, exuding joy and vitality. Her flower sculptures are not only beautiful, but they also bring a sense of cheer to any room they are in. After forming each exquisite sculpture, Dorit paints every inch of bronze with clashing patterns and vibrant colors. This can be seen in her sculpture called ‘Cactus Duet,’ where the exaggerated twists and turns of the shape, combined with its exciting illustrations, almost giggle with delight. Her works are a celebration of life, a reminder that even in the darkest times, there is always ?hope and beauty to be found.



The artwork of Calman Shemi is equally captivating, with his use of ancient Japanese techniques to create abstract and free-flowing flower paintings. Each brushstroke, a testament to the power of nature and the human spirit to transcend even the most trying of circumstances. His works, like a window into a magical world where beauty and serenity reign, are truly mesmerizing.



Playing with contradictions in art, artist Daniel Gastaud masters this phenomenon with profound skill. Gastaud portrays flowers to represent femininity, depicting them as delicately beautiful yet fierce in his original feather compositions. A good example of this is in his work called ‘Vermeer III,’ which is based on the historical painting by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer called ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring.’ In Gastaud’s version, the woman is displayed with a fierce look in her eyes but with an elegant touch of flowers on her headscarf and clothing. The combination of both qualities simultaneously, makes for deeply poignant art. 



Continuing the exploration of contradictory themes in art, artist Plum also does this, teetering between themes of life and death. Plum turns darkness into beauty and magnificence, like in his artwork called ‘Back to Life’ where he portrays a skull lined with ornate feathers and colorful flowers. 



Lastly, artist Angelo Accardi uses flowers in his ornate artworks in order to add sensation and contrast to his surrealist world. With the range across various mediums of art, Angelo Accardi really captures the feeling of confusion and the element of surprise with his use of contrasting figures, backdrops and symbols. He often uses flowers as a way to add contrast and a quality of lightness to a painting.

Eden Gallery's artists offer a wide range of unique artworks that explore various themes. Their works are not just visually stunning, but they also hold deeper meanings and insights. Experience the beauty and power of inspiring flower creations, captured by some of the most talented artists today. Visit the Eden Gallery website or a gallery near you to see more of their work, and be transported to a world of colors, emotions, and meaning.

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