Fine Art for Your Home

Having fine art in your home speaks volumes about who you are. Art declares your identity and brings life into any room. Make your space your own by choosing the art that resonates with your heart.

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Communicate Your Cool Factor With Alec Monopoly

The coolest artist of the decade is sharing his personal life on Instagram with fans. International celebrity artist Alec Monopoly personifies the culture of cool in his artworks and his life. 

Alec Monopoly

Famous figures such as Khloe Kardashian and Miley Cyrus have commissioned original artworks from Monopoly, elevating his status even further. With a highly recognizable style, Monopoly artworks immediately strike the eye with bold color choices and lively scenes. Brightening your home with a Monopoly painting or sculpture shows off your bright personality and is a reflection of the times.

The international street artist combines the aesthetics of a New York City graffitied wall and an Upper East Side living room. His cheerful graffiti style differs from the usual austere characteristics that this medium usually expresses. Holding a reputation as one of the leading artists of this century, an Alec Monopoly painting or sculpture is a centerpiece of status of any room.

Art for Home

A Cascade of Colors: Dorit Levinstein Sculpture

Color in the home influences mood. Dorit Levinstein uses a selection of bright colors that are refreshing and optimistic. Investing wisely into pieces that you love, and that will bring you joy, is the best way to make your home feel truly yours. 

decorative art visual art art sculpture

Levinstein’s collections of typographic art, flowers, characters, and animals all share in her uniquely vivid style. First casting the sculpture in bronze or aluminum, Dorit Levinstein then paints each one by hand with a cascade of colors and patterns. Some of her artworks are nods to the old masters and others entirely from her imagination. One thing that remains constant is the joy that naturally exudes from her finished work.

Art is an essential component of the modern home. Adding a cheerful color palette to your living space sparks joy. Discover the delight of contemporary art with Dorit Levinstein’s full collection here!

David Kracov: Inside Inspiration

Speak to anybody who owns art by David Kracov, and they will respond with excitement about his inspired pieces. Drawing inspiration from his childhood heroes, New York City, music, and most of all color, Kracov expresses his unique, creative eye through his sculptural works.

Kracov is also famous for his use of butterflies in many of his works. Often seen as a deep and powerful depiction of life, to fill your home with butterflies reminds you of the endurance, change, and hope that they represent. Kracov took his original butterfly inspiration from Pavel Friedmann’s poem The Butterfly and continued to build a story around each artwork that incorporates them. Every single butterfly is handpainted and seems to flutter in unison, escaping from a gift box or transforming from the words on the pages of Kracov’s Book of Life

Art for Home

Book of Life - David Kracov

David Kracov started his career as an animator shortly after graduating from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. Sculpting characters from the films he animated, Kracov was soon discovered and commissioned to create a limited edition chess set for the Warner Brothers Studio Store. Still referencing these characters in his humorous shadow box collection, Kracov instills nostalgia and optimism into his wall sculptures. 



David Kracov’s meticulous metalwork, along with his scrutinizing attention to detail, allows his sculptures to take on a life of their own. Discover a world of color and whimsy from Kracov’s extensive collection here.

Angelo Accardi: Elevate Your Interior  

Using mixed media, Angelo Accardi blends familiar figures against differing social backgrounds in his paintings. Accardi’s creative artworks are made to drive the viewer to question reality and social constructs as they are perceived through the artist’s eye.

Displaying an original painting creates an inviting, cozy space. Whether it be on a white wall or patterned wallpaper, natural daylight, or candlelight, wall art establishes a fun, relaxed, and elegant space depending on your personal aesthetic. Angelo Accardi’s art can easily translate into any of these moods.

Art for Home - Angelo Accardi

Accardi’s art adds interest and a talking point to a room. The longer you look, the more you find hidden within the painting. From artistic references to pop-culture ones, every viewer will find something personal hidden within the scene. Using a varied palette with a range of hues and tones, these works easily pick up on the colors incorporated into a room.

Art For Your Home - Angelo Accardi

The effect of adding original paintings creates an inviting, cozy space. Whether it be on a white wall or patterned wallpaper, natural daylight or candlelit, wall art will establish a fun, relaxed or elegant space depending on your personal aesthetic. Accardi’s art can easily translate into any of these moods, contingent on the design. 

Art for Home

Angelo Accardi

Accardi’s art is a conversation point in any room. The longer you are looking at it, the more you find hidden within the painting. From classic art to pop culture references, every viewer will find something personal hidden within the scene. Using a varied palette with a range of hues and tones, these works easily complement the colors of a room.


Plum: Feathered Masterpieces

Often art is seen as the focal point of a room. Interior designers will readily concede their reliance on art as the focus around which they build the palette of a space. The French artist Plum creates art made from colorful feathers resulting in works that are both contemporary yet classic. 

Plums art provides a focus for the eye to rest and helps to create an interesting and inviting space. His works can be displayed as bright and youthful, yet classic and elegant, depending on the design of the room. When paring one of his Coco artworks with neutral upholstery, the effect is feminine and timeless. However, when designing a room using an artwork like Gotham, it brings with it fond childhood memories in a contemporary way.

Art for Home - Plum

Art for Home

You can choose to let the artwork itself be a shining moment in the design, or for it to be an item that simply completes the space. Plum’s luxurious feather pieces are statement pieces in any room while also softly complementing any existing design. 

Designing your space around art is an ideal place to start when decorating. Start with a piece that you feel a connection with and then build from there.

Fine Art at Home

Art plays a vital role when designing your home. Without art on the walls, space tends to feel drab and lacking character. If you want to personalize your home, wall art matters. Paintings and fine art photography complete a room. See the difference art can make in your home. Explore Eden’s online art gallery’s full selection of art, here.

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