Finding Their Passion: The Artistic Journeys of Angelo Accardi, David Kracov, and Calman Shemi

Childhood Experiences Play a Role in Artists’ Careers:

Artistic expression is often viewed as a reflection of one's unique perspective and creative abilities. While talent and passion for art are undoubtedly important factors in an artist's success, their early childhood experiences can also have a significant impact on their artistic journey. Whether it be exposure to different forms of art, encouragement from loved ones, or a challenging upbringing that ignites a desire for creative expression, a person's upbringing can shape the way they approach their craft and the themes they explore. For Eden Gallery artists Angelo Accardi, David Kracov, and Calman Shemi, their early childhood experiences contained pivotal moments that played a crucial role in shaping their careers and narratives as artists.



Defying Reality: Growing Up as Surrealist Master, Angelo Accardi:

Self-taught artist Angelo Accardi has been painting ever since he can remember. His first encounter with art was when he was in primary school, and the principal gathered everyone into the school hall, where a work of art by a local painter was on display. Accardi recalls being deeply impressed by the art and having the sensation that he was entering the picture. This sensation is what Accardi continues to emulate and recreate in his paintings to this day. Accardi maintains that for him, art is all about freedom, creativity, and defying the laws of reality. As a result, he often uses a mix of clashing characters and objects from opposing eras and time periods. In his painting called ‘The Tightrope under the Rain,’ Accardi paints a scene with out-of-place characters and objects like Abraham Lincoln and Brad Pitt.



David Kracov Expressed Himself Through Color:

For talented sculptor David Kracov, being an artist was never a question. Kracov says that people often ask him when he decided to be an artist and that this question remains strange and confusing to him. In David’s world, he never chose to be an artist, but rather, everything around him just seemed to look, smell, feel, and sound different since he was young. Since he never felt comfortable speaking with people as a child, it seemed natural for him to express himself through colors. His first memorable experience with color was when he would watch cartoons as a kid on Saturday mornings. To David, people who create cartoons are adults that never fully grew up. David started his career as an animator, and he loved watching his pencil drawings transform into life with colors. In his sculpture called ‘Big Bang!,’ David designed this humorous artwork with numerous comic-style phrases painted with acrylics



Calman Shemi Working With his Hands Since Childhood:

When it comes to color and imagination, artist Calman Shemi has his own unique approach to art. For Shemi, the creation process is as important as a result, and he has developed several of his own unique painting techniques. Since he was young, a large part of Shemi’s life was centered around working with his hands in both agriculture and ceramics. Shemi has also worked as a sculptor with laser-cut metal as well as wood. It was after these many years of experimentation and study that Calman developed his own unique idea, called “soft painting.” This technique, characterized by multiple layers of paint using a palette knife to create depth and texture, can be seen in his collection of paintings called “Notes.” 


Childhood Experiences Igniting Lifelong Careers:

Early childhood experiences have a profound impact on an artist's career trajectory. From shaping their artistic style and approach to inspiring the themes they explore, childhood experiences can ignite a lifelong passion for creative expression. While Eden Gallery artists Angelo Accardi, David Kracov, and Calman Shemi all knew they were going to be artists from a young age, specific experiences in their childhoods helped to ignite their passions and form their identities as artists today. To experience more avant-garde masterpieces, visit the Eden Gallery website or a local gallery near you.

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