FebruART Dubai - Alec Monopoly Recap

Jump into the captivating universe of world-renowned street artist Alec Monopoly as we relive his extraordinary birthday and art exhibition. The lavish affair took place in Dubai on the 23rd of February at a premiere location for fine contemporary art in the inviting halls of Eden Gallery. The luxury festivity was a huge success, bringing top art collectors from all over the world and over 1,500 excited participants. Not only was the party a smashing hit for the art world, but as the night went on, the mingling drew to a climax, and live music danced through space, never before seen artworks were revealed and crowds were exasperated. Transport yourself from time and space, and let's try to recap the mind-blowing Alec Monopoly celebration in Dubai if words allow it.


Alec Monopoly, the infamous street artist, is known for his iconic artwork, which delivers a satirical and witty message about capitalism. With this in mind, the event opened to an amazing room overflowing with money bag pillows, where guests snapped interactive photos as they rolled around in pillow heaven. The air was alive with the infectious beats spun by the DJ as event-goers made their way through the captivating exhibition. As they marveled at the immersive displays, a robotic canine with human-like sensors roamed around, gleefully greeting each guest with playful antics. 



As Alec embarked on his creative journey, the audience was spellbound by his artistry as he expertly breathed life into the legendary Monopoly Man, complete with his iconic money bags. A custom brick wall was built to serve as the perfect canvas for his live mural. As the mural took shape right before their eyes, the crowd was captivated by Alec's unique technique and masterful skill, with every stroke and detail executed with remarkable precision and purpose. The atmosphere was electric, with palpable awe and admiration for Alec's artistry. After completing the mural, Alec took the time to engage with his fans, signing autographs and sharing insights into his creative process. The night was a triumph of artistic expression, and Alec's unique mural left a profound and lasting impression on those lucky enough to witness it



The most anticipated piece of the evening was the unveiling of a hand-painted iconic LV steamer trunk featuring a scene from the illustrious Monaco casino. This masterpiece offered an exclusive look into Alec's creative vision. A 360 artwork, with Alec's signature motifs and pop culture references, painted all around



After the unveiling, guests were ushered to another area of the gallery, where Alec broke a money bag made entirely of chocolate. A colossal birthday cake shaped like a DJ console with the famous Monopoly Man spinning the set was served for everyone to enjoy. The event photographer snapped polaroid photos of guests with instant printing, and live t-shirt printing featuring Alec's artwork was available



The art extravaganza in the fine halls of Eden Gallery Dubai was an evening for the books. With more than half of the artworks on display being sold and 1,500 art enthusiasts coming together in celebration, the remaining works will be displayed in Eden Gallery Dubai and exhibited at the next exhibition. Mark your calendars for upcoming events at the Eden Gallery, where new and exciting iconic artworks will be exhibited and RSVP for the next event celebrating Alec Monopoly in Aspen, Colorado.

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