Eight Steps for a Stress-free Art Purchase

Binge Research

If you have already started to consider an art purchase, the first thing you’ll want to do is ALL THE RESEARCH. Look up popular art trends and try to understand what the art market looks like, you’ll want to find out about as much of it as you can!

Take a Walk

Take a walk and visit local art galleries, art museums, glance at art in public spaces, banks, restaurants, and hotel lobbies. Learn about what’s popular just by paying attention to the pieces displayed around gallery neighborhoods.

Eden Fine Art Gallery - Alec Monopoly - Heat

Eden Fine Art Gallery – Alec Monopoly – Heat

In-person Is Im-portant

Online galleries can be extremely helpful when trying to narrow down your options, but don’t skip the visit! Art can look very different in a picture than it does in person, so visit a gallery to make sure you know what you’re looking at!

Ask! Ask! Ask!

Art galleries are often happy to help prospective buyers understand the pieces they’re interested in, so make sure to get in contact with them and inquire about their works, artists, and policies, especially if this is a first-time art purchase!

Make Your Move

Once you’ve decided what will look best in your kitchen/ basement/bedroom/garden/ cat’s bedroom, start looking up details of the piece.  Ask about pricing, payment, shipping, appraisal, and a certificate of authenticity.

Budget Yourself

Before you purchase a piece, set yourself a budget. Ask yourself, how much are you willing to spend, and how much can you afford. Sometimes, a piece you totally adore will be outside your spending budget, but within your means.

Purchase You Piece!

Always try to keep to budget, but if your options are to live with regret over losing the chance to purchase a loved piece, or breaking budget, spend the $. Don’t get stuck staring at your empty wall imagining the perfect piece you found and lost because of a too-strict budget.

Too Expensive? Keep Asking!

Love a piece that’s out of you budget? Ask the gallery to see smaller or similar works by the same artist! Gallery directors and salespersons will be able to recommend similar works that better fits your price range.  Don’t lose out because you didn’t ask!

Skip the Stress

Some galleries, like Eden Fine Art, will guide you through this entire process. You can contact one of their art advisors who will walk you through a diverse collection of artists and their works. Their prices include door-to-door shipping, an appraisal from the gallery and a certificate of authenticity. It’s the easiest one-stop shopping for internationally renowned artwork from the world’s most famous artists. You can check out their pieces online on their website, or on one of their certified online sellers, like artsy.

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