Eden Gallery Welcomes Artistic Alchemist Roman Feral

Eden Gallery is thrilled to welcome Roman Feral, a celebrated artist, to our prestigious Eden Gallery roster. Born in Paris, the City of Lights, Feral's artistic journey has been as radiant and mesmerizing as his city of origin.


Feral's early artistic aptitude bloomed during his time at the esteemed Atelier de Sèvres art school in France, which followed a significant period in the United States during his adolescence. His work transcends traditional artistic boundaries, marrying the sophistication of high fashion with the raw, ethereal charm of nature. He is best known for transmuting luxury symbols from notable French brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Hermès, and Cartier into timeless pieces of art that seem to break the shackles of the material realm.

His magical creativity allows delicate butterflies to flutter vivaciously, suspended in mid-air, breathing eternal life into them. Their enchanting dance has captivated art enthusiasts worldwide and garnered international acclaim.

Feral's unique artistic vision was thrust into the spotlight during his debut at Art Basel Miami Beach in 2018. His collection was received with overwhelming admiration, catapulting his art into sought-after spaces worldwide, from London to Aspen, Miami, New York, and even Dubai.


His stunning fusion of luxury and nature hasn't just bewitched audiences worldwide and charmed the titans of luxury. Chanel, profoundly taken with his work, acquired his sculpture "Coffre Chanel Azur," honoring it with a place in their private collection and heritage.

Today, as we welcome Roman Feral into Eden Gallery's distinguished circle, we celebrate his compelling artistic journey and the intriguing spell he weaves with his fusion of opulence and nature. With bated breath, we anticipate the enchanting masterpieces that Feral will create, deepening his imprint on the global contemporary art scene and further captivating all who appreciate the magical dance of his creations.


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