EDEN Gallery Las Vegas: Artistic Grand Prix – An Extravaganza of Creativity and Glamour

Start your engines and prepare for an unparalleled fusion of high-speed thrill and high-stakes creativity at EDEN Gallery's Artistic Grand Prix in Las Vegas. From November 17th through 19th, the heart of the neon city will throb to the rhythm of artistry as the gallery transforms The Shops at Wynn & Encore into a raceway of imagination and luxury.

Fred Allard – The Intersection of Luxury and Mixed Media Mastery

Octane & Opulence – November 16th | 12 pm - 2 am

First to take the track is Fred Allard, whose artistry accelerates from the starting line to deliver an aesthetic so rich it could only belong in Vegas. Allard's resin sculptures, eclectic and vibrant, are a testimony to luxury that races past convention. They are not merely viewed; they are experienced – like a roar that resounds beyond the race, echoing the essence of both the Grand Prix and Vegas' opulence.

Alec Monopoly – The Trailblazer of Art's Fast Lane

Racing with Creativity – November 17th | 12 pm - 2 am

Alec Monopoly needs no introduction; his distinctive work, characterized by a bold fusion of color and commentary, turns the gallery into a pit lane where creativity gets a turbocharge. As dusk falls and Vegas lights up, so does Monopoly's art – a spectacle where the artistic pedal is to the metal, and the viewer is taken on a joyride through the captivating narratives of his creations.

Roman Feral – The Artistic Alchemist

Gentle Flutter, Roaring Engines – November 18th | 12 pm - 2 am

Roman Feral steers his craft into the realms of the ethereal and tangible. The Parisian grace of his butterfly sculptures flutters amidst the adrenaline of racing engines, creating a harmony of contrasts that Vegas embodies – the delicate dance between elegance and excitement. On November 18th, witness the poetic dialogue between serenity and speed as Feral's works encapsulate the vibrancy of the Vegas strip and the intensity of the racing world.

EDEN Gallery's Artistic Grand Prix is not just an event; it's a spectacle that promises to marry the spirit of Formula 1's heart-pounding excitement with the artistic genius of some of the world's most revolutionary artists. It's here that you can witness the spectacle of art that moves, stirs, and races with the pulse of Las Vegas itself.

Each day promises a new victory lap of creativity, a unique fusion of artistic interpretation and luxury lifestyle, making the Grand Prix at EDEN Gallery the place where art collectors and enthusiasts will want to be seen. So, mark your calendars and RSVP for a rendezvous with the sublime, the beautiful, and the thrilling – only at EDEN Gallery Las Vegas, where art races through the night.


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