The Colors of Mykonos

Escape from the world to a place of luxury, vibrance, and color! Eden’s Mykonos Gallery sits nestled in the center of the picturesque Nammos Village, but you do not have to venture very far to glimpse works of art. Paintings and sculptures from our exclusive international artists are sprinkled throughout town, bringing Eden’s signature pop of color to this tranquil Grecian island.

Eden Gallery - Nammos Village - Mykonos

Located on on the aquamarine coast of the famous Psarou beach, Nammos Village is the capital of style when it comes to open-air shopping experiences in Europe. Together with the edition of Eden Fine Art, it is also the most artistic, with creative elegance cultivating this one of a kind destination. With designer brands ranging from Dior to Louis Vuitton, and a multitude of spa and wellness experiences available, Nammos Village is not only the heart of fashion but the perfect place to immerse oneself in the ultimate revitalizing getaway.


The Mykonos Gallery

Consistent with the traditional blue and white aesthetic of Greece, Eden’s three-story gallery blends harmoniously with the scenic beauty that is Mykonos. Clean, white walls and Mediterranean style gardens serve as the perfect minimalist backdrop to showcase the vibrant collections of our diverse artists including David Kracov, Alec Monopoly, Dorit Levinstein, and Angelo Accardi.

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Eden Fine Art - Mykonos Gallery


The Notorious Monopoly Man

Alec Monopoly - Eden Fine Art - Mykonos Eden Gallery

Alec Monopoly - Richie Rich - Eden Fine Art - Mykonos Eden Gallery

Alec Monopoly has taken the world by storm with his playful, satirical artwork. His sought-after pieces are notorious for their symbols of luxury and glamour so it only makes sense that his cast of characters fits in perfectly in Nammos Village.

Alec Monopoly - Eden Fine Art - Mykonos Eden Gallery

Alec Monopoly - Eden Fine Art - Mykonos Eden Gallery

Vist Alec Monopoly’s full collection from the Mykonos Gallery here.

Alec Monopoly - Eden Fine Art - Mykonos Eden Gallery

The sight of an original Monopoly sculpture dazzles with its shiny finish and lively presence. It’s true that Alec Monopoly brings his signature tongue-in-cheek message about capitalism and excess to each piece. However, this doesn’t keep  Richie Rich and Uncle Pennybags from bringing light-hearted fun to all who visit.


The Mykonos Gallery: a Haven of Color

David Kracov’s eye-catching sculpture sets hearts a-flutter at first sight. Merging his colorful style with his signature butterflies, this delicate piece makes a statement while seamlessly blending in with the island’s natural surroundings.

David Kracov - My Heart is All a Flutter - Eden Fine Art - Mykonos Eden Gallery

While each of Kracov’s pieces speak for themselves, one, in particular, has a special story:

David Kracov - Love is in the Air

“One Sunday morning, I packed a few water bottles, several snacks, and my dogs, and decided to just drive. I had no set destination, other than wherever I ended would be the place I had planned to go. During my drive, way off in the distance, I spotted these amazing colors in the sky. From such a far off distance, the sun reflected off what I soon realized were hot air balloons. I pulled over and waited for the balloons to get closer. Simple blues and yellows quickly transformed into elaborate checkerboard designs of beautifully contrasting colors. I must have stood and watched every balloon pass by overhead. When suddenly a thought came to me. Sometimes it’s okay to slow down, because if I had not waited for the balloons to come towards me, I would have only experienced them passing by, without another thought. The saying, ‘You must stop and smell the roses,’ continues to pass through my veins, for if I had not have stopped to watch the balloons pass over, I never would have been inspired to create this sculpture”.

~David Kracov

Discover David Krakov’s ‘Love is in the Air’ in his exclusive collection here.


New Love Amongst Ancient Beauty

New Love - Dorit Levinstein - Mykonos Gallery

Dorit Levinstein’s vibrantly patterned sculptures lovingly stand guard amongst the lush greenery of the village. You could say her pieces intuitively take on a life (or a love) of their own as they grace visitors with their presence. With delicate, flowing lines that create a sense of matter in motion, each bronze sculpture is meticulously choreographed by Levinstein.

Dorit Levinstein - Big Bird - Mykonos Eden Gallery

Some may be surprised to learn that as part of the artistic process, Dorit does not make preliminary sketches but rather, works from her own intuitive perspective.

I work in my studio ‘drawing’ three-dimensional figures in space. Intense concentration is required. In a way, it’s like a choreography of matter. All the information and details needed must be included in one continuous, flowing line. ~Dorit Levinstein

Explore ‘New Love’ and more from the Mykonos collection here.


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