Dorit Levinstein: Fall in Love With Sculpture

Dorit Levinstein uses her uniquely artistic eye to add color and pattern to the otherwise mundane objects of life. She wows her worldwide audiences with her vivid patterns hand-painted onto shapes twisting and dancing in space. Enter her world of color and fun where simple portraits, flowers, and animals are turned into alluring, fantastical shapes here.


Renoir Dancers

Levinstein often pays homage to her admiration for the masters, referencing her beginnings in painting. Here, she suitably reinterprets ‘Renoir’s Dance In The Countryside’ and gives the subject new depth by portraying the dancers in 3D form. Her method of using a spiraling, continuous line perfectly emphasizes the romantic connotations of this work and gives the sculpture charm in its gestural movements. ‘Renoir Dancers’ twisting shapes provide the characters with life, and Levinstein’s signature patterns add color and texture. View the magnificent sculpture here.

New Love

Bold and bursting with striking colors, New Love makes a statement and instantly catches the viewer’s attention. Levinstein’s practice has persistently inspired positivity, and this piece succeeds in continuing this tradition. Her playful sculpture is a tribute to the complex emotion of ‘love.’ An emotion that has brought her so much happiness in life. The onlooker is immediately drawn to the deep red of the love heart that hugs the letters in a warm embrace. The red heart contrasts with the cooler purples and blues that adorn other areas. View New Love here.


La Cumparsita

Dorit Levinstein’s entwined dancers echo the romance of this classic tango. Her carefully placed limbs are suggestive of the intensity of the moment and transport us to an elegant ballroom. The dynamic stance of the characters fits the passion of La Cumparsita, and this sculpture invites you to enter this intimate scene. Dorit has gifted her figures with a rose, a symbol of love, one that both dancers hold in harmony. The genuine artistic beauty of the dance, along with the skill and energy of two professional dancers, is reflected in the patterns. The patterns that radiate from Levinstein’s artistic mind and wrap the bodies of her subjects. View La Cumparsita here.


The Beatles

Rediscover the familiar icons through the eyes of a true artistic genius. As a tribute to one of the most iconic albums of all time, Dorit Levinstein recreated the The ‘Abbey Road’ album cover by English rock band The Beatles. This album cover is one of the most recognizable images of our time. Levinstein often updates classic images by bringing them to life through sculpture, capturing moments in time that last forever. Her unique perspective and personal interpretation acts as a constant reminder of how much beauty and color the world has witnessed over the past century. View ‘The Beatles’ here

Dorit Levinstein: Cactus Collection

Growing up near the desert, Levinstein had always been greatly inspired by the seemingly desolate landscape. Some people believe it to be dry and barren, but if you spend only a few minutes, you will find many of the hidden treasures and fantastical animals that thrive. Levinstein feels a kinship to this resilient plant, one that symbolizes warmth, protection, and endurance. When a cactus flowers, it is an awe-inspiring moment. The flower can thrive in harshest desert conditions. Its endurance in adversity is symbolic of a mother’s unconditional love. 

Dorit Levinstein Cactus Collection

Dorit Levinstein Cactus Collection

Dorit Levinstein Cactus Collection

This sculpture from Levinstein’s cactus collection is a metaphor for the way that she tries to connect with the goodness in the world. Although a cactus is made up of thorns, it still manages to grow flowers. “Its beautiful flower blooms but once a year. Mine will bloom forever.” Enjoy the wonders of Levinstein’s cactus here.

Dorit Levinstein Cactus Collection

Dorit Levinstein

Every space needs a bit of color. The closer you look, you will see that white is not white and blue is not blue, but every block of color is actually a pattern of varying shades, expressions of how each of these colors feels, how Levinstein wants the viewer to experience them. Using rich hues and ecstatic patterns, the artist highlights the strength of the cactus, the playfulness of love, and the dynamic dance of La Cumparsita. This art does not just sit on a pedestal, but lives and communicates with its surroundings. Dorit Levinstein surrenders her ego and preconceived notions allowing the sculpture to lead her and carry out what is right. View her full body of work here.

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