David Kracov and the Muse of Pop Culture

Born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1968, David Kracov guiding his paintbrush by the ever-changing muse of pop-culture. One of the youngest artists in the world to have his paintings displayed in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, David later went on to study at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. Immediately after graduating, David began his career as an animator, packing up his art table and driving to Los Angeles.

Bringing color to life from a young age, David has explored many mediums- including metal sculpture, metal wall sculpture, papercuts, shadow boxes, and even furniture, creating world-renowned art that is supremely “David Kracov.” His works, as multidimensional as his artistic talents and as inventive as his imagination, are included in the collections of Hollywood’s elite.

His first experiences with color were Saturday morning cartoons. As an animator, he felt it was amazing to watch his pencil drawings transform into moving characters. Full of humor, wit, and adorable characters, David’s shadow boxes are born out of his love of animation and his early experimentation with clay sculpture. He uses these boxes in favorites like “THINKING OUTSIDE OF THE BOX- EINSTEIN” and “AT THE END OF MY ROPE,” where familiar characters perform the title of the piece, manipulated into their scenes with the perfect amount of irony and humor.

Delicate and bursting with color, David Kracov’s papercuts are irresistible. Kracov immerses the viewer in his familiar and beloved compositions and welcomes us into his colorful mind using carefully cut-out layers of color. In favorites like “HOMAGE TO JACKSON POLLOCK,” a moving piece dedicated to the legacy of one of Kracov’s influences, and “PASSING WITH FLYING COLORS,” whose layers of butterflies all but fly off the page. One of the simplest elements of artistic medium, Kracov transforms paper with his magic hands in his series of papercuts.

Kracov’s signature humor and colorful imagination reveals itself in his many series of metal wall sculptures. His Hearts, adorable and clever, his Guitars, unique and exciting, his Waves, thoughtful and flowing are only some of his many three-layered sculpture. But these works aren’t all fun and games, meaningful subjects are reimagined as sculpture as well in works like “THE BOOK OF LIFE” and “REFLECTIONS.” Supremely unique, and laden with his signature humor, creativity, and color, David Kracov familiar themes and reimagines them. David’s mind is a colorful place, join him in his unique way of seeing the world.

For more from David Kracov, feel free to visit at: www.david-kracov.com, or view David’s collection page at Eden Fine Art

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