Calman Shemi's Unique Painting Techniques

Suppose art is a human expression of emotion and energy using any of the 5 senses. In that case, there is a strong connection between different outlets, such as music, painting, dancing, and even cooking. Perhaps it is even possible to transform one artistic medium into another entirely and still carry the same message or elicit a near-identical tacit response in its audience. Eden Gallery painter and sculptor Calman Shemi does precisely this with profound mastery. See how the artist developed his own unique style to put sound and movement into a visual effect on canvas. 



Originally born in Mendoza, Argentina, Calman Shemi began his artistic studies in pottery and sculpting at age 13. He was guided and nurtured by the celebrated Italian-Argentinian sculptor Libero Badii and pioneer German sculptor Rudi Lehmann, where he learned philosophical principles that he has applied to his art ever since. After many years of study, Calman developed his unique idea called “soft painting.” This technique, characterized by multiple layers of paint using a palette knife to create depth and texture, can be seen in his collection of paintings called 'Notes.' Referring to this collection, Calman himself describes, “all of the things I create are filled with vibrant colors and soul. Like the music I fill my studio with, the soul is the base of everything. Soul music incorporates rhythm and blues. There is an emphasis on the intensity of feelings, and this is what I am portraying through the paintings in my collection ‘Notes.’’’ The soft painting technique that is used in this artwork really translates musical vibrations into an aesthetic form of art, capturing the pulsating melodies onto his canvas.



Diving deeper into Shemi’s soft painting technique, this can be explored further with his lacquer paintings. Reminiscent of ancient techniques used to create art in Japan and China centuries ago, this approach focuses on capturing the essence of a subject rather than its exact appearance. Often used for landscapes, flowers, and other natural scenes, the slightly abstract style of painting brings out the complexity and splendor of the natural world. Lacquer paintings are created by applying vibrant colors to a wood or metal panel gilded with gold or silver leaf. Once the paints have dried, multiple coats of lacquer are added to give a luminous effect. After each coat, the piece is hand-polished by Shemi to achieve its distinctive, glossy appearance. An excellent example of this can be seen in Shemi’s ‘Leaves’ painting. 


A composer of color, shape, and energy, Calman Shemi masters the craft of abstract painting and sculpting in contemporary art. His artworks of landscapes, musical vibrations, flowers, and butterflies are just some examples of his magnificent style. To see more artwork by some of the most renowned and unique artists today, visit the Eden Gallery Website or a local gallery near you.

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