Blooming Artists: The Floral Motifs in the Works of Plum, Calman Shemi, and Dorit Levinstein

Finding Art in the Delicate Nature of Flowers

From intricate still life paintings to bold, abstract prints, flowers have been a popular subject matter across different art movements and styles. Natural beauty, delicate nature, and colorful varieties are commonly seen as themes in flower art and everyday life. The use of flowers in the art can evoke a range of emotions and meanings, from gentle beauty to the fleeting transience of life. Eden Gallery artists Plum, Calman Shemi, and Dorit Levinstein each have unique ways of using flowers to create stunning and thought-provoking works of art.



Flowers and Feathers: Enter Plum’s Artistic World

Coming from an artistic family, artist Plum grew up surrounded by the aesthetic stimulation of shapes, colors, and materials. He started to draw from an early age with his sculptor uncle, and with that, he developed a taste for plastic work and volumes and a passion for the finitude of the object. His art often contains symbols like flowers, evocative of the fleeting nature of life, mixed with contradictory symbols that indicate death, like skulls. In his work called ‘Back to Life,’ he depicts a skull covered in beautifully colored feathers with flowers around it. In typical Plum fashion, this artwork conveys the paradox of beauty and aliveness with his flowers, while the skull represents death and endings.



The Abstract and Free Flowing Flowers of Calman Shemi

Departing from the deeper meanings of life and death, artist Calman Shemi uses ancient Japanese techniques to create abstract and free-flowing flower paintings. The flowers are painted in such a way that the fine details are glossed over in favor of capturing the general essence and beauty. Upon first glance, one is reminded of the delicate wisdom of nature as well as the changes that occur within it, as Shemi’s flower paintings usually indicate transformation. Each subsequent flower in Calman’s blooming rows slightly differs in shape, size, and color from the one before it, creating a magnificent masterpiece of rainbow-like allure. A great example of this is in his work called ‘Flower Field in Holland,’ which depicts a stunning display of abstract, colorful flowers.



Raising Vibrations with Dorit Levinstiens Dancing Flowers

Speaking of color, Dorit Levinstein creates flower sculptures that are a delicate dance of bright hues and forms, exuding joy and vitality. Her flower sculptures are not only beautiful, but they also bring a sense of cheer to any room they are in. After forming each exquisite sculpture, Dorit paints every inch of bronze with bold patterns and vibrant colors. Like all of Dorit’s sculptures, they each twist and turn in space, giving them a free-flowing and whimsical nature. Her flower sculptures are fun, joyful, and even humorous, like in her artwork called ‘Nostalgic Flower - 7 Flowers Vase,’ where a bouquet of flowers is depicted in a twirling vase.


From Flower to Canvas

Flowers have been a popular subject matter in the art for centuries, and their versatility and symbolism have made them a timeless source of inspiration for artists of all genres. By exploring the use of flowers in art, we gain a deeper understanding of the human experience and our relationship with the natural world. The unique ways in which Eden Gallery artists Plum, Calman Shemi, and Dorit Levinstein depict flowers in their art allow for a renewed sense of the powerful emotions art can evoke. To see more floral beauty in contemporary art, browse the Eden Gallery website or visit a local gallery near you.

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