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Language is a powerful tool that can make a statement and draw emotion. When artists highlight the power of words within their work as a central communication vehicle in their artistic expression, they can emphasize ideas rather than visual forms. Eden Gallery artist Joseph understands the influence of the written word and encourages individuals to become the readers, rather than just the viewers, of his extraordinary work.  

Featuring text as his focus, Joseph drives his audience into conversations with the artist through a remarkable series of mixed-media installations and sculptures. Joseph incorporates a fascinating combination of metalwork and mixed media abstraction within his work, consisting of mirrored steel and cut-out words. Beneath the surface of each phrase, Joseph adds various backgrounds to fill in the negative space underneath each daring statement. Each abstract landscape includes multiple colors and materials, creating a dynamic and distinctive interior.

"There is No Love There is Only Proof of Love" is a notable mixed media installation with an abstract landscape of concrete and flaky gold below the mirrored exterior and a strongly worded statement. Through this installation, Joseph invites his audience to uncover the meaning of love by suggesting that the whole point of love is to feel love. Therefore, whatever love one might feel will only be visible through one's actions toward their loved ones.

The exquisite artist continues to force his viewers to confront their disposition through a bold installation titled "Don't Forget That You Are Going to Die." Through this artwork, Joseph states the simple and undeniable truth that leaves his audience pondering the thin line separating life from death. While this message may seem morbid, it highlights death's powerful influence on society. Death is inevitable and inescapable, leaving each individual to accept their mortality and contemplate their approach to life.

Using words as a primary means to get out his message, Joseph's dialogue within his work often challenges social expectations, introducing his audience to a vast range of differing perceptions. In addition, the simplicity and complexity of Joseph's work encourage his viewers to look past each lively installation and sculpture into a more profound reality unique to each individual.

Each strong-willed installation and sculpture opens Joseph's creative process to his audience, creating a two-way exchange between the artist and viewer. Click here to view Joseph's latest artworks, or visit your nearest Eden Gallery location today.

Click here to view Joseph's latest artworks, or visit your nearest Eden Gallery location today.

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