Art and the Heart: the Symbolism of the Heart in Art

Art and the heart are two interconnected concepts that have been explored throughout human history. Art has the power to move people emotionally, to touch their hearts and souls, and to create a deep sense of connection and meaning. The heart, in turn, is often associated with the deepest emotions, feelings, and desires. See how Eden Gallery artists David Kracov, Dorit Levinstein, and PLUM all incorporate hearts in their art, intertwining them with their own unique definitions of what love means.



Art can be a powerful tool for expressing emotions and feelings that are difficult to put into words. It allows for the communication of complex ideas and experiences in a way that is universal and accessible to people of all backgrounds. Artist David Kracov says, "I was never comfortable speaking with people when I was younger, but I had so many thoughts and visions of things I wanted to say; it was just easier and more natural for me to say everything I thought with colors." Kracov also explains how growing up in an emotionally and physically abusive environment, art was his way of seeing the beauty that he always had inside of him. David Kracov often sculpts two things, butterflies and hearts. His artwork has a colorful, joyous, and vibrant nature to it for David. The very act of creating art is his way of practicing self-love. A great example of a work by Kracov is his sculpture called 'My Heart is all a Flutter.' David sculpts thousands of tiny butterflies in this famously known and celebrated sculpture and forms them into a fluttering heart shape. 



Speaking of aliveness and vitality, Dorit Levinstein uses movement and color in her art, and her sculptures seem to explode with love. Dorit often creates sculptures of the word 'Love,' with the "o" being a heart. Levinstein paints each love sculpture with different color patterns and designs that create joy and happiness. Like all her sculptures, they flow freely as they twist, turn, and bend in space. Dorit's sculptures speak directly to the viewers' hearts, and for Dorit, love also comes in the forms of dancing lovers, birds, and so much more. Each of her sculptures has a sense of adventure and free-spirited expression. One example of such a sculpture is her work called 'New Love.' This sculpture, also of the word "love," with the "o" being a heart, explodes in colors and design in typical Dorit fashion.



Another artist who incorporates hearts into his artwork is PLUM. Coming from a family of upscale decorators, the aesthetic stimulation of shapes, colors, and materials surrounded Plum's childhood. Plum often uses feathers to create luxurious and beautiful works of art. The feathers he uses give each work a softness while remaining lavish and beautiful. An excellent example of a heart in PLUM's art is called 'Pocket Love Red.' This feather composition feels like an expression of love, and its red color helps to give it a cozy feeling.


Art has that nameless power to take people out of their minds and into their hearts. Whether viewing a painting, listening to music, or reading a poem, art can connect people to something greater than themselves. Eden Gallery artists David Kracov, Dorit Levinstein, and PLUM each have unique ways of expressing what love means to them and how it is conveyed in art. To see more colorful artwork, browse the Eden Gallery website or visit a local gallery near you.

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