Landmarks and Landscapes as Featured in Contemporary Art Around the World

Landmarks & landscapes can include a variety of visual forms; from beaches to tree groves, flowers to buildings, cultural variances can affect the way that we perceive and comprehend the spaces in which we inhabit. We all have a different perception of life, which can, in turn, affect our outlook on the landforms that surround us. However, the one thing that unites them all is art. 

The oldest tradition of expressing our artistic points of view is through painting and sculpture. The topographic details of any scenery can be characterized in loose strokes of the brush or the bends and twists of metal. Either way, they express our interpretations of both the natural and manmade features of our surroundings. Alec Monopoly commonly portrays the lifestyle of the rich and famous throughout his extensive works.

Landmarks & Landscapes as Featured in Contemporary Art

SN references the world of fantasy in both his photography and his mixed media paintings. Dorit Levinstein conveys her vivid perspective through colorful, spiraling shapes, and Calman Shemi used a variety of paints and lacquers to showcase a city that has inspired artists for thousands of years. Each one of these artists expresses their unique outlook in reference to landscapes that have greatly inspired them.

Alec Monopoly

Landmarks & Landscapes as Featured in Contemporary Art

The worldwide audiences can not get enough of this graffiti contemporary! With impressive shows around the globe and well over a million followers on Instagram, Alec Monopoly is turning heads. Celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick have commissioned original artworks. The London Times, Playboy Magazine, and Rolling Stone are just some of the major magazines that have written covers on him and featured his work. Monopoly is, without a doubt, a star. 

Primarily featuring his familiar gang of adopted characters, Mr. Monopoly, Richie Rich, and Scrooge McDuck, to name a few, Alec Monopoly’s signature style is immediately recognizable. His art is a commentary on capitalism and the luxury lifestyle of the rich and famous. He often portrays the Greek Islands, which have become a playground for those dripping with cash, in a selection of his paintings. 

He also features famous landmarks & landscapes such as the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben, both located in iconic European cities associated with commerce, wealth, and power. These luxurious locations are familiar destinations for the artist, giving him a unique insight. This leads the viewer to wonder how much the seemingly fictional life of Mr. Monopoly may, in fact, resemble that of Alec’s.


Landmarks & Landscapes as Featured in Contemporary Art

Famous for its dramatic views of the Aegean Sea, and known to be the destination of choice for exclusivity and luxury, Santorini is an island fitting for the celebrity graffiti artist. Opulence, extravagance, and high price tags are all characteristics of this dreamy island escape. Monopoly has personally visited the Cyclades Islands, such as Santorini and Mykonos, many times. He showcases the luxury lifestyle with bottles of champagne and designer labels across his social media platforms. His quick snaps of beach parties and poolside tanning are reflected in his paintings. Monopoly showcases the beautiful crystalline waters, luxurious superyachts, and of course, money everywhere. Although simplified, the imagery is immediately recognizable as being the iconic Mediterranean paradise.

Hello Paris, Hello London

Landmarks & Landscapes as Featured in Contemporary Art

Landmarks & Landscapes as Featured in Contemporary Art

A dream destination and a powerhouse over centuries, London is one of the most affluent cities world-wide. Money may not be falling from the sky, but it certainly feels like it when Richie Rich is visiting Big Ben, one of the most iconic sites in the city.  

Ranked as two of the top five wealthiest cities in the world, it isn’t a surprise that Alec Monopoly chooses London and Paris to represent in his graffiti artworks. Paris is considered the fashion capital of the world. This city is not lacking in haute couture labels, fashion designers, super-models, and celebrities. Indisputably a city of luxury and a favorite travel destination for Mr. Monopoly.

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Landmarks & Landscapes as Featured in Contemporary Art


As his artistic journey has progressed, nature has always remained a powerful source of inspiration for the mixed media artist SN. His early childhood was strongly influenced by his passion for photography and wildlife. He dreamed of one day becoming a national geographic photographer in order to explore nature and see the wild. 

His natural artistic instinct led to dramatic shots highlighting the relations between man and nature. These animated compositions impact his audience. Once the eye focuses on one of these photographs, the viewer is drawn into the landmarks & landscapes he portrays.

Landmarks & Landscapes as Featured in Contemporary Art

The Black Forest

“Usually, I prefer to see a forest as wild as possible, untouched by man.” – SN 

The emotion and the human spirit that art can inspire is what SN is vying for with his artworks. The Black Forest is one location that the artist has photographed repeatedly. With and without models, the landscape enlivens the artist as if it is from out of a fairytale novel. The layers of detail and the presence of human forms to juxtapose the lush greenery keeps the eye entertained. 

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Dorit Levinstein

Sometimes a sculpture is not created in order to represent a landscape but become a part of it. Dorit Levinstein draws influence from desert terrain, showcasing nature’s perseverance through even the harshest conditions. One can see her sculptures creating a vibrant oasis of color against the backdrop of an otherwise barren scene. For example, in Cactus Kishkashta, Dorit uses her signature patchwork of contrasting designs to coat the body of the cactus, leading to the milder colors of the flowers that are beginning to blossom. This imaginative use of color perfectly highlights the unusual strength of this plant.

Landmarks & Landscapes as Featured in Contemporary Art

Landmarks & Landscapes as Featured in Contemporary Art

Trained firstly as a painter, Dorit’s practice draws heavily from traditional art, and it seems apt for her to return to an everlasting source of inspiration to artists through the generations – the landscape. Her painterly eye is still evident in these works. However, her execution has combined her classical beginnings with a contemporary approach. Whilst many of Dorit’s influencers have chosen to show their appreciation of landscape, she has instead paid a more subtle homage to her surroundings by choosing a humble, stagnant cactus as her subject. It is interesting to see how, while our environments remain unchanged, our different experiences as people will always allow us to view things differently from each other. 

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Calman Shemi

Born and raised in Mendoza, Argentina, Calman Shemi grew up surrounded by mountains, flowers, and greenery. “This is where my roots are from, and will always remain,” says Calman when questioned about his homeland. Shemi began his artistic studies at age 13, and by age 20, he had already completed his professional studies at the academy in Argentina and moved across the world to a land that has brought inspiration for an entire collection… Jerusalem. 


Vibrant for its rich cultural and religious history, Jerusalem is a city that has inspired artists for thousands of years. Everything about the city intersects old and new, with deep layers and a colorful past, this city lights up inspiration within painters, sculptors, fashion designers, and more. For 20 years, Shemi lived and painted in Jerusalem and the surrounding hills. 

Landmarks & Landscapes as Featured in Contemporary Art

From the hills, the buildings and the landscapes shimmer in the light of the sun. The colors of the city come to life, and shapes of the buildings, both old and new, can be seen fully for all their glory. The visual imagery of the city and the surrounding hills influence many of Shemi’s artworks. However, ironically, the city life itself, he cannot endure, “It is beautiful, very beautiful, but city life is not one for me,” says Shemi about the crowded streets. Still, he cannot take his artistic eye away and continues to return to this city for inspiration.

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Landmarks & Landscapes as Featured in Contemporary Art

Landmarks & Landscapes

Many artists choose to document their surroundings through their unique eyes. Through the means of acrylic, lacquer, spray paint, metalwork, or a camera, these original contemporary artists express their love for four very different landscapes through their preferred mediums. The execution of these works differ greatly from each other, and also from the Old Masters who have influenced some of them. However, the subject remains the same. Each piece gives an insight into how the artist sees the world, and our landscapes will never cease to influence our great thinkers.

Landmarks & Landscapes as Featured in Contemporary Art

Luxury travel destinations, overgrown forests, a blooming desert, and an ancient city, what do all of these landmarks & landscapes have in common? They are the muse for new and original artistic expression. The landscapes and landmarks of the world make for unique inspiration for these four contemporaries. Discover new artworks from Eden’s multi-faceted artists. Visit the collections of Alec Monopoly, SN, Dorit Levinstein, and Calman Shemi here.

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