Angelo Accardi: Forged in Fire

Angelo Accardi has finished off the year with an exciting exhibit in New York City and new collections that continue the conversation of referencing art old and new. Accardi’s latest artworks touch on new themes in feminism while carrying on his signature subject matter of combining contemporary with classic. Explore his exciting collections here!


Inspired by the ‘60s and ‘70s, Accardi touches on his personal female inspirations. As he pays his respects to the times of early feminism and years of excitement as the hippy movement came to be. During these years, women redefined fashion, sexual conventions, and personal identity through their innovative decisions and creating opportunities for generations of men and women to follow. 

Angelo Accardi

Angelo Accardi

Accardi believes that women have a more natural inclination to nature through their instinctive maternal instincts. Women are like flowers in the way that they bring joy and life to the spaces they inhabit, just as he intends his paintings to do. Ironically titled ‘Herbicide,’ a common name for a weed-killer, these women stand with their chins held high as the plants grow freely in place of hair, defying all odds, flourishing against the oppressor. These women represent the ideals of freedom and equality that they have tried to legitimize over centuries and yet are still today subject to discrimination.

Paint and Fire

Accardi’s latest series touches on similar themes explored in previous artworks. He juxtaposes old and modern, blending familiar, classical motifs with images of the 20th century and cartoon culture, thereby creating a composition distinctive to his unique style. Accardi draws much of his inspiration from his home and experiences in Italy. He pays a suitable homage to the Old Masters he had been inspired by since childhood. His decision to merge these approaches with capitalist symbolism comments on the conflict between tradition and contemporary culture that he has been exposed to his entire life.

Angelo Accardi

Angelo Accardi

Whilst elements of this latest collection are recognizable, he has applied a new approach regarding technique. Accardi has used beautiful, Persian carpets as his canvas that each hold their own unique story, and applied oil paints and ink upon them. In areas, he has also burnt the rugs to create deeper marks and add a fantastic, tonal quality. This new medium reinforces Accardi’s concepts, and further pushes his reinterpretations of classical art, by reclaiming an item that has already aged.

Angelo Accardi New Artworks

Accardi continues to develop his unique style, and inspire audiences with his whimsical exhibitions. In his latest collection, we are fulfilled with many of his signature motifs making an appearance, but it is clear that he has taken a critical eye to his practice and played with both concepts and techniques to bring new life to his art. Explore his full body of work here.

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