A Glimpse into the Artistic Minds of Dorit Levinstein, David Kracov, and SN: From Inspiration to Com

The Different Ways to Find Art Inspiration

Whether it's everyday life, the splendor of the natural world, or even the personal struggle of pain and loss, there are so many ways in which artists can find inspiration for their artwork. Some artists' motivation can also come from music, literature, or their own spiritual beliefs and values. Whether it be in sculpting, painting, or any other form of art, Eden Gallery artists Dorit Levinstein, David Kracov, and SN each have unique ways of finding inspiration for their magnificent and masterful art.



Humor and Freedom: Dorit Levinstein's Playful Art

When it comes to free-flowing colors and shapes, painter and sculptor Dorit Levinstein knew since she was a little girl that her life, passion, and occupation would involve painting. Dorit found inspiration from sculptor Henry Moore's organic forms and also was deeply drawn to the humor imbued in Picasso's art. With her inspiration from these two artists, Dorit also combined her love for "drawing free" in the air with her fantastical sculptures, which are also painted in colorful patterns and designs. Dorit believes that the purpose of art is rooted in self-healing, need, passion, and the sharing of experiences that cannot be expressed with words. Dorit's sculptures are always joyful, expressive, and free-flowing, with her twirling figures that bend and twist with delight, which are then painted with eye-catching patterns and vivid colors with every brushstroke. She often depicts lighthearted subject matter, such as dancing human figures, flowers, and animals. Her sculpture, 'Renoir Dancers,' is an excellent example of her cheerful and spirited work as it depicts a couple dancing, and its colorful twisting nature is done so in typical Dorit fashion.



Optimism and Hope: The World of David Kracov's Art

Similar to Dorit's playful and colorful style, artist David Kracov is a master sculptor, and his work never fails to eschew a feeling of hope and optimism. Kracov's vibrant color palette shows up in his unique steel wall sculptures that begin with hundreds of small sketches. David's meticulous steel work and his scrutinizing attention to detail allow his sculptures to take on a life of their own. For David, it is essential to him that his art brings about a feeling of hope since that was his whole reason for creating art as a child. Despite many hardships in his early life, David's art was an outlet for him to access and express the beauty he found deep within himself. He explains that no matter how much one struggles, there is always beauty to be found within. Therefore, he dedicates his sculpture called 'Beauty is Within You' to all the children who find themselves in struggling homes.

In contrast to what many people may think, David explains that the lightheartedness which his art imbues is often very contradictory to what he feels while creating it. He often finds inspiration from tragedy, and his sculptures are a memorialization of the pain and loss of innocent lives. He is deeply inspired by Pavel Friedmann's poem called "The Butterfly," which is a message of hope even in the bleakest of times.


The Importance of Beauty in SN's Art Form:

Departing from the more profound messages of hope, artist SN uses beauty in his art because he believes that beauty in itself is a virtue essential to be explored. SN thinks beauty is a natural survival mechanism and says that beauty wins animals' and humans' love. While SN is aware that many artists believe there are more important things to be explored than just physical beauty, he maintains that beauty is exciting and primal, and achieving this thrill in his art makes it worthwhile. SN enjoys being different from other artists, and his works usually depict beautiful scenes in nature, powerful animals, and angelic women. He often lines his art with dried butterflies, like in his work called 'Superhero' to add to the allure of the art, and in this artwork, it says in the background, "Beauty Breaks my Heart."

The Beauty Lies in the Journey

The sources of inspiration for artists are vast and varied. Whether it is through personal experiences, cultural influences, nature, or even other works of art, artists draw from their surroundings to create their own unique and compelling pieces. For artists Dorit Levinstein, David Kracov, and SN, art's beauty lie not only in the finished product but also in the process of creation and the journey that leads up to it. To see more unparalleled artworks, browse the Eden Gallery website or visit a local gallery near you.

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