7 Reasons Why Your Office Needs Art

Boosting creativity and reducing stress levels; providing an aesthetically pleasing environment in the office has more benefits than you would initially think. Explore exciting artworks to brighten up your workspace and boost employee morale here!

Office Art

1. Office Art Can Help to Reduce Stress Levels

Bland industrial environments can cause lethargy in a reflection of the dull space. In this sort of environment, stress levels in employees will rise over time, and employee morale will lower. However, space can also give energy. Through the proper use of aesthetics in an office, employees’ productivity can be boosted, their stress lowered, and their wellbeing increased. 

The more a person can recognize a part of themselves in the space they inhabit, the more comfortable they will be. Providing the proper atmosphere is critical for a happy team. A bright, creative workspace can make your employees more productive. Take advantage of colorful fine art on the wall. Yellow boosts creativity, while blues and greens have a calming effect. Create a sanctuary that employees feel pleased to return to every morning.

Dorit Levinstein in Office

High levels of stress can harm not only our health but also the business. Add a splash of color or texture with a multicolored wall sculpture like ‘Follow Your Heart’ by David Kracov.

High levels of stress can harm not only our health but also the business. So add a pop of color and texture with a multicolored wall sculpture like ‘Follow Your Heart’ by David Kracov.

Office Art

2. Art Stimulates Employees and Encourages Creativity

Numerous scientific studies have come to the same conclusion; the more you surround yourself with colorful, creative beauty, the better. Fine art offers a vibrant and bright space for the employee, boosting health and spirit, as well as enhancing the physical design of the environment. 

Changing the lighting and decor can generate a cheerful environment and spark creativity. Allowing the employees to reap the benefits of an exciting and dynamic environment will reflect in their work and work culture. Choosing a bright artwork, like that of Calman Shemi, will bring warmth into an otherwise bare office, in turn, lightening the mood.

Office Art - Calman Shemi

3. Improves Employee Retention

When artwork enhances the work environment, employees are happier to be in the office. At a time where the trend of working remotely is on the rise, how can you, as a business owner, encourage your employees to want to be in the office? Creating a stimulating atmosphere filled with light and positive energy will help employees to remain encouraged. 

Life at the office can become very routine, and this routine can become dreary at times. As people are spending most of their waking hours in an office, we must do what we can to create an environment that is engaging and encouraging. Take some inspiration from artist Dorit Levinstein and how she completely changes landscapes with here vivid patterns and monumental sculptures here

Office Art - Sn

4. Art Can Help Define a Company’s Brand, Image, and Ethos

It is crucial for business owners to define their own product or service. For customers and investors to embrace your new idea, you may need them to reimagine the brand entirely and challenge their preconceived notions. It is essential to distinguish your business. 

Alec Monopoly Art

Ethos emphasizes credibility and authority, to build this credibility in specific sectors; it is vital for the company ethos to have an office space congruent with that of the brand. Optimistic, luxurious, or community-oriented, the office decor needs to reflect the ethos of the brand. Without the addition of fine art, the office feels empty and dreary, without life, without color. This can significantly affect the impressions and assessments of future partners, investors, or even employees. 

Brand consistency. If you are selling a luxury service or product, your customers and potential investors expect just that when walking into your shop front or office. You must provide a recognizable, decisive brand identity. Without consistent branding, your growth goals may not be achievable.

Office Art

5. Impress Clients

A beautifully curated art collection will always make a great first impression. Clients with a particular eye for the arts will certainly be impressed with your effort to decorate your office. Those less-seasoned art enthusiasts will simply enjoy having something bright and beautiful for their eyes to explore on the walls when they walk in. 

You should always make business decisions considering your valued clients. Their impressions upon entering your office will factor in how they perceive your company moving forward. Fine art on display in the office can greatly impress visiting clients without much effort on your part. Your office is the face of your company. So it is critical that the office is aesthetically pleasing, impressive to clientele, and stimulating the mind.

Yoel Benharrouche

A novelty work of art, such as a graffiti painting from Alec Monopoly, will make the client remember your company. It is also a great talking point or ice breaker. Remember you are decorating for the client you want, so what do you think will catch their unique eye? Explore Alec Monopoly’s full collection here.

Office Art

6. Office Art Has the Potential to Be an Investment

Art has potential as a financial asset that is distinct from most other categories of conventional investment. Sometimes associated as being a form of alternative financing, art investment refers to the buying of artworks to later resell at higher prices.

Kunst Met Een R

Art investment is a potentially lucrative venture. It has been used as a popular diversification method by the wealthy for centuries. However, in the last two decades, the landscape of the global art market has been growing exponentially, opening up to the mainstream. Everybody now has the opportunity to invest in what was once reserved for the aristocratic elite. Do not limit your search to exclusively blue-chip artists because up-and-coming artists can rocket in value too. Visiting an auction house can be a great way to discover new artists and get a grasp of what this market looks like.

Offering visual pleasure, living history, and financial appreciation art is a commodity in which you will want to get involved. Explore the full collections of Eden Gallery here.

Office Art

7. Healthy Living Equals Successful Living

Humans are innately attuned to feeling comforted and calmed by the presence of colorful art. However, often, this happens to be contrary to our daily office activities. We surround ourselves with white walls blocking out the natural scenery and shutting in the circulating air.

Enhancing your work environment with the natural beauty of art will heighten the aesthetics and, with it, morale. Studies have shown that employees, clients, and visitors alike feel invigorated and less dreary when an office is filled with art. Adding color to the walls will brighten your space and, with it, your mood. Being happy could help reduce stress and even boost your immune system. What’s more, it may even increase your life expectancy.

Office Art - David Kracov

It is not just about sitting there and looking pretty. Office art also has major health benefits. Whether it is a painting or a sculpture, filling your workspace with fine art can reduce depression, fatigue, and even sick days amongst employees.

How to Choose Art for Your Office

Given the inspiring qualities we have already discussed that can enhance your office space, it seems that the benefits of visual stimuli certainly outweigh the cons. However, picking the correct pieces that will aid your working environment can be problematic, and it is necessary to consider your options.

Dorit Levinstein Office Art

Some employers may reference their professions in the art they choose, for instance, a dentist utilizing work that portrays mouth, or teeth. This simple tool can help to build a brand, as well as to provide a morale boost to the employees. 

It is also important to be clear on what your company stands for, and the associations you want to convey. If your business takes a more creative approach to the work it does and prides itself on thinking outside the box, perhaps it sells a more niche product that would interest a streamlined market. In this case, it might be fitting to exhibit pieces that are untraditional in style, and they may use a mixed palette or have an irregular structure.

It has been suggested that people respond well to familiar imagery and can find comfort and calm in viewing scenes that have a sentimental attachment. For example, artwork that portrays local landmarks or evocative countryside can inspire pride. Check out some contemporary artworks that showcase landmarks and landscapes here.

Angelo Accardi Office Art

If you are looking for the right piece or collection for your office, we would be more than happy to assist you. Contact a specialized art advisor here.

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