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About The Artwork

Recycled wood on Aluminum sheets. Printed in Acrylic transform.

About The Artist

Born in California in 1965, Tommy studied art history at Santa Monica College in the United States, later on, studying architecture and interior design. His passion for aesthetics drove Tommy to dabble in different fields of design, like high-end furniture and silversmith work, eventually evolving into a painter and artist. Over the years, Tommy became an upscale interior designer, designing projects for high-end clientele.

Tommy’s inspirations include Pop artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Mars, and growing up in California, which exposed Tommy to the Mexican culture and vibrant colors. He started using recycled wood and other materials to transform this combination of influences and his previous experiences into a unique brand of Pop Art.

Tommy delivers a nostalgic but authentic feeling. The combination of colors, materials, and subjects gives us a genuine sense of the reminiscence of early pop culture. A vintage look is one of Tommy’s trademarks.

Captain America

Tommy | Mixed Media Painting

125x80 cm | 49x31 in

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