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About The Artwork

“Small Envol” by Roman Feral is a Free Standing Sculpture.
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About The Artist

Roman Feral, often known as The Butterfly Magician, is a renowned Parisian artist with a captivating style that melds high fashion with the delicate beauty of nature. Born on April 20, 1990, in the City of Lights, Feral has built his reputation on transforming French luxury icons, like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Hermès, and Cartier, into masterpieces that seem to defy the laws of nature. His art, mesmerizing and spellbinding, draws inspiration from French culture, the allure of luxury brands, and the enchanting beauty of nature, creating a fusion of opulence and natural grace that has found resonance in the international art scene.

Small Envol

Roman Feral | Free Standing Sculpture

37x27x27 cm | 14x10x10 in

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