Boop Dreaming - Noah Lubin - Eden Gallery

About The Artwork

"Betty Boop was too attractive for cartoons. I loved Miss Piggy more because she was a hidden beauty who could discover her preciousness with the right man. But if I were to cheat on Piggy it would be with Betty Boop." -Noah Lubin

About The Artist

Noah Lubin was born in 1979 in the USA into an artistic family where he came into contact with many artists from a very early age on. One the most fascinating young contemporary Jewish artists of this generation, Noah is a neo-expressionist inspired by artists such as Basquiat, Picasso, the Cobra movement and several other Moderns. The choice of vibrant colors which depicts his positive view on life is one of his main characteristics and the one that captures the eye and imagination of the viewer. His works present portraits, relationships, and other human conditions by which the artist is inspired. Lubin invented the “Radical Judaica” movement, which represents today’s traditional Jewish spirit and life using a fresh vision and a contemporary style and approach.

Boop Dreaming

Noah Lubin | 3D Multilayered Papercut

195x125 cm | 76x49 in

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