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About The Artwork

"Electric Guitar" from David Kracov's 'Guitar' series is a striking visual composition that pulsates with the raw energy of rock 'n' roll. This guitar-shaped sculpture is meticulously assembled from galvanized metallic elements that resemble bolts of lightning; each one is painted with precision using acrylics. The dynamic arrangement of these charged elements captures the essence of electric guitar music — vibrant, powerful, and full of life. Kracov's artistry electrifies the metal, transforming it into a visual echo of the instrument's resonant strings. The sculpture reverberates with the spirit of music, embodying the intense connection between an electric guitar's sound and the visceral response it invokes in both the player and listener

About The Artist

Born in Boston, David Kracov studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and began his career in animation with the Brad Pitt feature, ‘Cool World.’ David went on to work with Disney Animation, Don Bluth Animation, Rich Animation, as well as several other studios, before beginning his solo work as a sculptor and painter. Kracov’s vibrant color palette shows up in his unique steel wall sculptures that begin with hundreds of small sketches. David’s meticulous steel work along with his scrutinizing attention to detail allows his sculptures to take on a life of their own, and his famous butterflies take flight. David’s playful and creative works are each a testament to his steady hand and wonderfully unique artistic ideas. His work brings joy and humor to pop art.

Electric Guitar

David Kracov | 3D Metal Wall Sculpture

125x47 cm | 49x18 in

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