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About The Artwork

“We're Waiting for You” Here by Angelo Accardi is a captivating mixed-media artwork presented on resin. This surreal masterpiece takes viewers on an imaginative journey, featuring a unique blend of elements. At the forefront of the composition, Warhol's iconic Marilyn Monroe portrait undergoes a fascinating transformation, seemingly melting and warping in unexpected ways. Standing alongside this iconic image are two remarkable figures: an ostrich and an intriguing ostrich-man hybrid. The ostrich man is dressed in an eye-catching orange coat and sports stylish glasses, adding a touch of eccentricity to the scene. The artwork's vibrant red background creates a striking contrast, enhancing the dreamlike quality of the work. Adding to the enigmatic atmosphere, the words "liquid art" are visibly inscribed on the background, inviting viewers to ponder the deeper meaning of this surreal encounter. "We're Waiting for You Here" is a testament to Accardi's ability to blend diverse elements into a thought-provoking and visually captivating composition that challenges conventional artistic boundaries.

About The Artist

Originally from a small town in the south of Italy Angelo Accardi moved to Napoli to study fine arts at the Art Academy of Naples. Shortly after, in the early 90s, he set up his personal studio close to his childhood home to embark on his pursuit of painting and sculpture. In the course of his artistic development, Accardi has been on a constant search for new sensations using mixed media to depict figures against differing social backgrounds.

Accardi’s debut on the art scene was strongly characterized by what in Italian art is referred to as “figura,” a representation of the human body, as well as by pictorial and symbolic art. His focus is on the study of humankind and the space we inhabit. Accardi draws from this focus in every one of his collections as he illustrates surreal visions of everyday life under realistic backdrops of urban landscapes.

The cycle of works called Human Collection depicted on an attenuated atmosphere, suggesting the softness of cotton wool – where the figures are masterfully veiled as if by a sheath of moistness – marks a fundamental passage in his artistic development. Ironic and surrealistic, Accardi’s unique perspective and Avant-Garde style has exhibited at galleries as well as several solo and group exhibitions worldwide.

In the last three decades, Accardis’ artistic path led him to contemplate social representations through collections like MisplacedHuman Collection, and Blend. These collections reveal the contradictions in every day, working with commonplace objects and backdrops making the created scene more relatable. Using humor, symbolism, and tributes to famed artists before him Accardi represents culture, history, and even a prediction of the future.


We’re Waiting for You Here

Angelo Accardi | Mixed Media on Resin

150x150 cm | 59x59 in

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