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About The Artwork

'The Lie' by Angelo Accardi is a mesmerizing foray into the surreal, presenting a scene that blurs the lines between history, pop culture, and fantastical imagination. In this audacious composition, Joaquin Phoenix, adorned in the garb of Napoleon yet whimsically outfitted with rollerblades, takes center stage, seated in a posture of contemplation or perhaps command. Beside him, a giant ostrich and a whimsical version of Pinocchio suggest themes of authenticity and disguise, weaving a narrative that challenges perceptions of truth and fiction. The background introduces an unexpected element with Freddy Mercury, iconic in a wig and heels, engaged in the mundane act of vacuuming, further juxtaposing the extraordinary with the ordinary. This backdrop is enriched with subtle nods to the surrealist Dali and the symbolist Klimt, bridging various art historical epochs. Accardi's 'The Lie' is a captivating visual exploration of identity, performance, and the constructs of reality, inviting viewers into a space where the boundaries of time, character, and meaning are intriguingly fluid.

About The Artist

Originally from a small town in the south of Italy Angelo Accardi moved to Napoli to study fine arts at the Art Academy of Naples. Shortly after, in the early 90s, he set up his personal studio close to his childhood home to embark on his pursuit of painting and sculpture. In the course of his artistic development, Accardi has been on a constant search for new sensations using mixed media to depict figures against differing social backgrounds.

Accardi’s debut on the art scene was strongly characterized by what in Italian art is referred to as “figura,” a representation of the human body, as well as by pictorial and symbolic art. His focus is on the study of humankind and the space we inhabit. Accardi draws from this focus in every one of his collections as he illustrates surreal visions of everyday life under realistic backdrops of urban landscapes.

The cycle of works called Human Collection depicted on an attenuated atmosphere, suggesting the softness of cotton wool – where the figures are masterfully veiled as if by a sheath of moistness – marks a fundamental passage in his artistic development. Ironic and surrealistic, Accardi’s unique perspective and Avant-Garde style has exhibited at galleries as well as several solo and group exhibitions worldwide.

In the last three decades, Accardis’ artistic path led him to contemplate social representations through collections like MisplacedHuman Collection, and Blend. These collections reveal the contradictions in every day, working with commonplace objects and backdrops making the created scene more relatable. Using humor, symbolism, and tributes to famed artists before him Accardi represents culture, history, and even a prediction of the future.


The Lie

Angelo Accardi | Mixed Media Painting

180x180 cm | 70x70 in

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