Eden Art Week

Eden Art Week is coming to London in October, 2022, to host a series of exhibitions with Eden’s most exceptional contemporary artists. The upcoming events will be filled with first-looks of the artists' new collections, refreshments and conversations with Gal Yosef, Eduardo Kobra and Angelo Accardi surrounded by exclusive art. This month, RSVP to visit Eden Gallery New Bond Street, located at the heart of the Mayfair luxury shopping district, surrounded by elegant architecture and chic high-fashion brands.

Modern-day sculptor and world-class 3D artist, Gal Yosef, specializes in reimagined designs of  cartoon characters. Gal is dedicated to showing himself through his art with the help of bringing his favorite contemporary characters to life. Gal’s art continues to evolve in the style of his latest pieces, depicting a darker, avant-garde version of an imagined cartoon verse. Explore the elusive artist's masterpieces in London on Saturday, October 15th.  

Utilizing bright colors and bold lines, Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra stays true to a continuously evolving kaleidoscope theme throughout his art. His striking use of brushes, airbrushes, and spray cans bring to life notable figures from the past, creating a feeling of nostalgia for his viewers at each glance. Likewise, Kobra's larger-than-life murals add color and context to the walls of each city he visits, evoking memories of the past that still resonate with audiences today. Surround yourself within Kobra's world of contemporary imagination on Thursday, October 20th, at Eden Gallery's London location.

Angelo Accardi uses his artwork to illustrate surreal visions of everyday life that include conflicting aspects of cultural symbols, icons, world leaders, and even cartoons, focusing on the study of man and the space he inhabited. Each artwork is an open-ended narrative
that is bound to provoke thought and fascination from his viewers. Accompany Accardi in London on Saturday, October 22nd, for a one-of-a-kind exhibition featuring his most unique creations.  

Celebrate art in London this month. Join Eden Gallery, Gal Yosef, Eduardo Kobra, and Angelo Accardi for three fantastic art exhibitions. To explore your favorite artists' artwork, check out the Eden Gallery website, or visit your nearest Eden Gallery today!


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