The Top Three Emerging Modern Artists To Watch

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Drawing inspiration from cultural events of the times we live in, the variety of contemporary and modern art being created in this day and age is vast and thought-provoking. For luxury art collectors hoping to discern unique pieces, we’ve highlighted 3 emerging artists to watch in 2021. These are the artists being singled out for their forward-thinking visions and avant-garde themes.

Optical Sky - Angelo Accardi- Emerging Artist

Angelo Accardi

Angelo Accardi’s paintings display an otherworldly blend of traditional and contemporary art influences. Born in the south of Italy, Angelo Accardi grew up surrounded by both modern and classical art. His focus is the study and the practice of surreal art.

Angelo Accardi- Eden Fine Art Gallery- Celebrating International Artists Day

Accardi’s diverse landscape includes references to ancient Roman sculpture, abstract art, and recognizable cartoons. His nod to diverse artists in his body of work gives the impression that within an Accardi collection, a separate world of modern and historical art has been created. 

I'm just taking a nap - Angelo Accardi- Emerging Artist

By placing a variety of subjects into one tableau, the world of Accardi encourages the audience to make connections between the art and themselves. While Accardi shows familiar subjects in dreamlike scenarios, they at once invite the viewer inward, mirroring nostalgic themes and trends. Accardi art is intriguing, ironic, playful, and striking; a must-have for surreal art enthusiasts.

Exploring new places - Angelo Accardi- Emerging Artist
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Gal Yosef

Self-taught in the field of 3D art and digital sculpting, Gal Yosef focuses exclusively on digital design. He is a new kind of contemporary artist utilizing the latest technology in his creative process. Yosef’s personal art continues to evolve, depicting a darker, avant-garde version of an imagined cartooniverse.

pikachu-loves-money - Gal Yosef - Emerging Artists

Together with his personal creations, Gal Yosef is involved in several developing collaborations including designing album cover art and NFT animations for the rapper, A-Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, as well as 3D NFTs for Popeye.

Gal Yosef - Eden Gallery - Emerging Artists

While his work is created using computer technology, the physical pieces that collectors purchase include 3D free-standing sculptures as well as large-scale, 2D wall artworks encased in liquid glass.

Gal’s latest collection, The Iconic Series Volume III, features characters such as Squirtle, Pikachu, Woody, and Daffy Duck.

Squirtle - Gal Yosef - Eden Gallery
Daffy Duck Woody - Gal Yosef - Eden Gallery

There is unquestionably a dark side to many of Gal Yosef’s creations. However, the whimsical, comedic nature of his work ultimately conveys his admiration and love for the characters he sculpts.

With sculptures and mixed media artworks reminiscent of nostalgic cartoons and animation trends, Gal Yosef’s work is forever evolving with the times.

Metis Atash

In her own words, each of Metis Atash’s sculptures is “infused with the energy of the moment in which they were created.” Adorned in thousands of Swarovski crystals, Metis’s pieces are a stunning visual experience. Her body of work includes elephant figures, multicolored Matryoshka dolls, and Buddha-inspired figures.

punkbuddha-surfacing - metis atash - Emerging Artists
punkbuddha-sweet-surrender-Metis Atash - Emerging Artists

Metis’s sculptures can currently be seen and appreciated in Eden Gallery’s SoHo location

Inspired by the meditative energy of Bali, each sculpture’s model is molded by hand before being sealed in resin. Both glass and clay sculptures are then intuitively hand-painted. The painted designs range from free-flowing patterns to tributes of artwork from iconic artists like Piet Mondrian. The final step involves meticulously adorning each sculpture with genuine Swarovski crystals. The number of crystals used in each sculpture varies from 1000-500,000, depending on the size and complexity of the work.

Elephant Burning Desire - Metis Atash -Emerging Artists
matryoshka kelly - Metis Atash - Emerging Artists

Atash’s pieces are meant to be perceived as the mirror of the human soul. They personify life’s duality and the merging of our inner beings with our physical selves. Taking inspiration from Eastern philosophy, Atash’s art focuses on nature, the relationship between humanity and a higher power, health and longevity, as well as action through inaction to produce harmony with the universe.

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The Top Three Emerging Modern Artists To Watch
The Top Three Emerging Modern Artists To Watch
The Top Three Emerging Modern Artists To Watch
The Top Three Emerging Modern Artists To Watch
The Top Three Emerging Modern Artists To Watch
The Top Three Emerging Modern Artists To Watch
The Top Three Emerging Modern Artists To Watch
The Top Three Emerging Modern Artists To Watch


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