Five Things You Didn't Know about Jonty Hurwitz

Constantly challenging the rules of perspective, Jonty Hurwitz merges the worlds of science and art through the use of cutting-edge technology. His anamorphic artwork creates a distorted projection that changes how his sculptures appear to the naked eye from different vantage points. Hurwitz's diverse collection of innovative artwork focuses on the aesthetics of art in the context of human perception. It allows viewers to immerse themselves in a new interpretation of his artwork at each glance.

A pioneer in creating catoptric and oblique sculptures, Hurwitz constantly challenges himself to meet new mediums. As we celebrate his birthday this year, here are five things that you didn't know about Jonty Hurwitz:

1.  Although each piece can take years to make, according to Hurwitz, each sculpture is "just random and a little bit like a child." The artistic process begins with a physics or scientific idea, in his mind thinking "I wonder if it's possible to distort reality in this way." He then begins to understand the science behind the idea to decide if his vision is possible. Since every project is entirely different, there is no one set of tools. Instead, the creative process consists of taking pieces of ideas from other people and bringing everybody's energies together.

2. The starting point of the subject for each of his sculptures is Love, and most of Hurwitz's muses are connected to his personal experiences. He credits his inspiration to those who have personally inspired him, such as his mother, wife and lifelong partner, children, friends, and even animals that have paved the way for him to better himself. The present also influences Hurwitz. He firmly believes that the present is all there is, the past is gone, and your future does not exist, so all you've got is the present. Along with his muses, the present ultimately informs every single art piece; rather than this job, that project, or that piece of science, it's the present that sparks his imagination.

3. The great minds of the Italian Renaissance, such as Brunelleschi and Leonardo, always combined art and science in their works. In today's world, the intersection between these disciplines seems more necessary than ever. Hurwitz's anamorphic sculptures do precisely that by reaching that exact medium to create unique physical forms that become recognizable when seen in the reflection. He is deeply influenced by Leonardo Da Vinci's past work and is very proud to be compared to someone with such a high statute.

4. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Hurwitz spent his early life living in small hotels in rural towns. He studied B.Sc (ENG) at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg and worked as a full-time researcher at the University of Cape Town. He then continued his studies in India, studying Yoga and wood carving, before arriving in London to focus his education within the tech world, designing financial risk algorithms. While the artist has spent his life traveling worldwide, he does not consider his roots to be geographical. Having family and loved ones in all corners of the world, Hurwitz finds his home in his heart.


5. In an interview with Eden Gallery, Hurwitz explains his vision behind one of his most famous sculptures, Third Kiss. Beginning with the physical, the sculpture is a cylinder, but when you look into the reflection of the 3D shape, the viewer can see an angel and a woman sharing a kiss. This work of art was inspired by a beautiful marble sculpture that was done several hundred years ago called the "Cupid and Psyche." While Third Kiss is based on an iconic historical sculpture, it also represents the love story between Hurwitz and his wife, Yifat. The couple has this magical story of how they were born in the same year, the same month, on the same day, in the same hour, in the same 10 minutes. The sculpture finds a balance in talking about Greek mythology and the complexity of Love. Like Hurwitz's work, history and Love is anamorphic, and the Third Kiss includes both mediums.

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