Dans les Jardins du Ciel - Yoel Benharrouche - Eden Gallery

About The Artwork

“Dans les Jardins du Ciel" by Yoel Benharrouche portrays a vibrant flower garden with two birds soaring above it. This artwork captures the harmony and beauty of nature, symbolized by the lush, colorful flowers and the graceful birds in flight. The garden, depicted with an array of vivid colors and abstract floral patterns, represents the earth's melody, a visual symphony of life and growth. Above it, the birds are rendered in an ethereal and abstract manner, embodying the freedom and elegance of the sky, adding a dimension of movement and vitality to the scene. The interaction between the birds and the garden suggests a dance of natural elements, a celebration of the interconnectedness of earth and sky. This work invites viewers to appreciate the melodic beauty of nature, where colors, forms, and life come together in a harmonious and enchanting display.

About The Artist

Trained and educated as an artist in the south of France, Benharrouche went on to become a distinguished professor of drawing and painting at Nice's Academie Paganini. His influences include masters such as Chagall, Picasso, and Miro, yet Benharrouche’s personal style comes through in each of his compositions with much strength, balance and harmony. Deeply spiritual, Yoel Benharrouche establishes a sincere connection with his audience. His vibrant palette and mystical contemplation explore both the historical and spiritual worlds. He paints his surroundings with a lyrical quality that has landed him among the elite artists of the world, exploring the duality between the material and the mystical world.

Dans les Jardins du Ciel

Yoel Benharrouche | Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas

50x60 cm | 19x23 in

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