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About The Artwork

“Heart of Butterflies Black” is a striking negative print by SN, based on a charcoal and pencil drawing, and adorned with mounted butterflies. The artwork features a heart, universally recognized as a symbol of love and passion, set against a stark black background. This heart is fully covered with an array of beautifully mounted butterflies. The butterflies, each distinct in color and pattern, stand out vividly against the dark background, creating a captivating visual contrast. This blend of the charcoal and pencil medium with the vibrant butterflies in a negative print format adds a unique and contemporary twist to the traditional portrayal of the heart symbol. The artwork symbolizes the vibrancy of love and the delicate beauty of emotions. SN's "Heart of Butterflies Black" is an evocative piece that merges traditional artistic techniques with modern elements, showcasing the artist's innovative approach to creating visually stunning and meaningful art.

About The Artist

SN is an artist that truly believes that art is created to nourish the eye and heart. While his earlier work focuses on photography, SN presents a new line of works, using mounted butterflies. This artwork is deepened by the energy of its medium and suggests an additional perspective of this unique artist’s passion for nature. A multidisciplinary artist, SN is now exploring drawing, charcoal, and acrylics, creating color by using butterfly installations. His three-dimensional pieces are dramatic, spiritual, tactile, and deeply moving. Each totally unique work is the epitome of SN’s integrated personality.

Heart of Butterflies Black

SN | Mixed Media and Charcoal Drawing on Fine Art Paper

129x138x10 cm | 50x54x3 in

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