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About The Artwork

"Cheetah" is a striking mixed media painting by SN, capturing the essence of one of nature's most elegant predators. The artwork focuses on the upper half of a cheetah, portrayed with an intense gaze directed towards the viewer, embodying the animal's alertness and grace. Under each of the cheetah's eyes, a vivid yellow line is drawn, adding a striking visual element that accentuates the animal's keen eyes. Adding to this powerful imagery, a blue-mounted butterfly is carefully placed on one of these yellow lines, introducing a splash of color and a symbol of beauty and transformation. Another mounted butterfly is thoughtfully positioned on the artist's signature, creating a signature element that personalizes and completes the artwork. SN's "Cheetah" is a beautiful representation of the wild and natural world, blending realism with artistic embellishments to create a visually compelling and thought-provoking piece. 

About The Artist

SN is an artist that truly believes that art is created to nourish the eye and heart. While his earlier work focuses on photography, SN presents a new line of works, using mounted butterflies. This artwork is deepened by the energy of its medium and suggests an additional perspective of this unique artist’s passion for nature. A multidisciplinary artist, SN is now exploring drawing, charcoal, and acrylics, creating color by using butterfly installations. His three-dimensional pieces are dramatic, spiritual, tactile, and deeply moving. Each totally unique work is the epitome of SN’s integrated personality.


SN | Mixed Media Painting

120x130 cm | 47x51 in

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