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About The Artwork

“Punkbuddha Mula” by Metis Atash is a Swarovski Crystals Sculpture .
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About The Artist

Metis Atash channels her devotion and passion for art, design, and fashion into the creation of one-of-a-kind sculptures. Metis’s primary artistic quest is to elevate herself spiritually, creating oneness with herself and others. Each one of her sculptures is infused with the energy of the moment in which they were created. Combining conceptual, minimalist, and pop art traditions, her art unites contemporary and glamorous aesthetics with insightful, spiritual meanings in a way that is accessible to today’s fast-paced, modern society. Adorned in thousands of Swarovski crystals, Metis’s creations are a stunning visual experience; a perfect mix of traditional subjects combined with modern styles.

Punkbuddha Mula

Metis Atash | Swarovski Crystals Sculpture

44x30x17 cm | 17x11x6 in

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