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About The Artwork

“Flamingo” by Dorit Levinstein, from her "Animals" collection, is an original hand-painted bronze sculpture that artistically captures the elegance and distinctiveness of the flamingo. Known for her vibrant color palette and fluid sculptural lines, Levinstein's depiction of the flamingo emphasizes its long, graceful legs and the unique curvature of its body. The sculpture, while abstract, conveys the bird's poise and the striking presence that flamingos are known for. The use of bronze as a medium adds depth and a sense of permanence to the work, while the hand-painted details infuse it with life and vitality. "Flamingo" is a celebration of the natural beauty and charm of these birds, showcasing Levinstein's ability to transform wildlife subjects into captivating and expressive works of art.

About The Artist

Dorit Levinstein’s work invites you to step into her universe of forms, figures, and colors. Her spare, elegant sculptures seem to giggle with delight as if tickled and then stretch out with an exquisite elasticity to form their position in space. The sculptures derive their volume from a continuous virtuosic line alluding to human figures, animals, flowers, and objects. Each of the twirling figures is painted in vivid colors, creating rhythmic patterns that regularly repeat themselves like variations on a well-loved tune. Despite its apparent simplicity, the work is the result of a creative and sophisticated process. To master these lean and airy figures, one needs the skill and dexterity of a professional dancer who practices daily to perform the seemingly effortless pirouette. Levinstein’s work can be found in private collections worldwide and is exhibited in exclusive Fine Art galleries. Levinstein also creates commissioned works for indoor and outdoor settings and her monumental outdoor sculptures grace the landscape of many municipalities. EDEN Gallery has been Dorit Levinstein’s exclusive worldwide publisher since 1999.


Dorit Levinstein | Bronze Free Standing Sculpture

158x52x55 cm | 62x20x21 in

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