Lis Sam

Capturing Ephemeral Beauty

Lis Sam, the enchanting art alchemist born from the sun-kissed sands of Tunisia, weaves nature's secrets and feminine allure into mesmerizing masterpieces. With delicate hands, he conjures ephemeral beauty, immortalizing the fleeting essence of existence on the vivid canvas of his imagination.

Artworks by Lis Sam

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Discover your next work of art. Search by artist, collection or size.


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Who is Lis Sam ?

Born amidst the sun-kissed sands of Tunisia in 1989, Lis Sam emerged as a self-taught artist, wielding an extraordinary ability to weave nature and femininity into captivating art. As he immersed himself in the artistic realms of France, Lis San's creative spirit blossomed. However, it was a transformative encounter within a butterfly greenhouse in southern France that ignited the flame of his "Blossoming Girls" project.

With an eye for intricate details, Lis Sam meticulously crafts floral headdresses in his studio, each delicate petal and leaf carefully arranged to accentuate the essence of femininity. Drawing inspiration from the fleeting blooms of nature, he then invites models to step into his artistic realm. Through these intimate studio encounters, Lis San captures the essence of their ethereal presence, their essence blending harmoniously with the meticulously crafted floral adornments.

From these mesmerizing collaborations, Lis San's visionary creations come to life. The fusion of the models' grace and the meticulously arranged florals gives birth to captivating works that resonate with vibrant energy. Each of his artworks showcases the fleeting beauty of life, celebrating the ephemeral nature of existence. Lis San's art beckons viewers to embrace the transient beauty that graces our existence, etching an indelible mark upon the vivid canvas of the art world.