Paul Sibuet

The Perception of Volume

Paul Sibuet is an artist who creates unique pieces by exploring his own perception of objects and volumes. With a clever play on light and shade, Sibuet manipulates the irregularity of his medium’s forms while enlightening empty space. Looking at Sibuet’s work, the viewer is left with a feeling of endless possibility that exists between reality and the unknown.

Artworks by Paul Sibuet

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Discover your next work of art. Search by artist, collection or size.


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Who is Paul Sibuet ?

Expert in design and art, Paul Sibuet perfected his painting skill with his masters. However, he quickly draws away from the techniques he learned and explores his own perception of the object and volumes and thus creates his signature. His structures shapes, colors, lines and materials turn into timeless movements. An unstructured order. With a clever play of light and shade, he handles impertinence of his conception of the dialectic of vice and naivety. In his works, “monochrome” and “figurative productions,” the artist defies the physical forces to enlighten spaces. Deft combination, beautiful, sensual and striking. Through the “Breaking the glass” collection, the artist confronts the imaginary world of childhood with the grown-ups impudence, overstepping the paradox. He offers an oneiric reality, animated by urges, more or less reprehensible. The visual artist delivers, through his productions, the feeling of a deep liberty, almost anonymous, in which looks familiar, always between reality and unknown. A bunch of life which inspires an overdose.