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Originally from Nice, France, sculptor, and artist Frederic (Fred) Allard is making huge strides in the Contemporary Art Scene. Quoted for stating that “Art is the way I express my feelings,” Allard creates pieces using juxtaposing textures, colors, and imagery, embedding ideas of both the past and the present in his artwork, constantly fueling his own artistic expression.

Eden Fine Art is a proud exhibitor of Allard’s “Shopping Bag” series, a collection of sculptures centered on luxury brands and accessories from the streets, created on a foundation of ideas that are impossible to replicate. His sculptures collectively suspend the relationship between urban and luxury in time, giving his spectators two worlds to compare, contrast, integrate with and reflect on. (Read More…)

Fred Allard was born on May 5th, 1968 when France was at its most volatile. His father was an architect and his mother, renowned for being a vivacious woman, played a huge role in ensuring that her son was no stranger to femininity and fashion. She created a nurturing environment for her family members that was tainted with allure.

Allard fell head over heels in love with photography at a young age, a passion which went on to grow after his father’s death. With time, his hunger for creation led him to experiment with other forms of art, producing paintings inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat who he later went on to pay homage to in his piece “Basquiat Dreams.” Allard’s paintings feature bold colors, graphic text, and collages that use deconstructed images of models culled from high fashion magazines. This resulted in the birth of surreal, abstract, and high-impact scenes and it was from these influences that his first series was born.

Fred Allard’s inspiration comes from various trends and cultures, including Pop Art, Street Art, music, magazines, and department stores, and most importantly from the street and everyday life. It is the mix of these interests that exalt his work and inspire his creativity allowing him to shape his unique style, characterized by the contents of his luxury bags. His work is the picture of the moment, a vibrant mix of iconic products that have learned to live together and are now crystallized in inclusions of resin.

The message behind Fred Allard’s work is simple. He almost always includes a luxury bag as the subject, helping him to depict ideas of consumption and accumulation as a comment on society. In a world where shopping has become a status symbol, his sculptures automatically become an object of attraction as well as a timeless piece of art. What’s more, he epitomizes modern urban codes by combining high end and street style. By giving his viewers a glimpse of the bag’s content, Allard succeeds in revealing his most intimate thoughts about what today’s society stands for. What’s more, the use of such an intimate and personal object is a smart way for the artist to communicate with his audience. After all, the bag symbolizes what we wish to carry with us and what we carry in our bags is who we are.

As the creator of a fashion lab for several years, style remains engraved in Allard’s creative codes. The list of fashion brands that he uses to promote his message includes Chanel, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Hermes, Fendi, Givenchy, Tom Ford, YSL, Sonia Rykel and more. By referencing these designers, he also pays homage to his artistic journey, one that has been heavily influenced by fashion, and the reason that his signature technique has flourished into what it has become today.  His high-end shopping bags are filled with compressed budget goods, mainly Chupa Chups, Orangina, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi, creating the perfect blend of splendor and street style.

Allard’s south of France studio is the perfect stereotype of a woman’s handbag. Its walls are covered in graffiti, laced with bags, soda cans, and candies, whereas the floor is riddled with cans of spray paint, brushes, screws, masks, boards and sand. Wherever you look, it is clear that Allard’s passion for preaching his commentary on society knows no bounds.

Allard was increasingly inspired by his wife’s fashion website, playing with youthful models and avant-garde ideas. His third series was dedicated to Kate Moss, moving between woman-child to femme-fatal, beautiful without being perfect. He chose to exhibit pictures of the supermodel covered in graffiti-like designs, as well as on cans of spray paint, immortalizing her aura in crystal resin.  These pieces were part of Allard’s “Heroine” collection, displayed in Nice in 2012.

In 2017, during Paris Fashion Week, Fred Allard released his exclusive collection to  Le Royal Monceau-Raffles for his ‘Vide Ton Sac’ Exposition (Empty Your Bag). These bags were created especially for the hotel and guests from all over the world flocked to catch an exclusive glimpse of Allard’s comments on fashion consumerism, featuring pop culture references such as Popeye, the classic Rolling Stones tongue, and the Superman logo.

2018 saw his “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” exhibition take off on Madison Avenue, NYC as well as a partnership with Neymar. The footballer presented the artist with personal objects and Allard created a breathtaking sculpture, forcing the gold medal-winner to confront the notion of materialism.

Fueled by themes of conspicuous consumption, luxury brands, and constructed identities, Fred Allard concentrates on casting high fashion shopping bags filled with soda cans and bottles in resin. Influenced by ‘80s and ‘90s American pop culture and cosmopolitan European cities, Allard’s world is one in which brand dominates product and image matters most. For Allard, it’s absurd how consumerist attitudes and the need for status symbols eradicates the simple joys of modest living.
Celebrating commerce and exploring the emotional aspects of consumerism, Allard views his art-making and overall persona as a brand, constructing his own identity through artistic output in the same way that luxury objects bolster an individual’s image. Now, his most popular sculptures are “Little Yves,” “Smells Like Love,” and, “Elephunk,” all of which are available from Eden Fine Art.

Fred Allard sculptures are for sale at Eden Fine Art galleries around the world. For more information about Fred Allard’s technique or to receive general price estimations (in US dollars), contact us today to set up a call with one of our trained art consultants.

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