Valentine’s Day Art: The LOVE Collection

Eden Gallery is celebrating this dedicated day of love with a special Love collection of art from a variety of our exclusive artists.

Relaxing Art: Making Your Home a Haven

In times of turmoil or uncertainty, we search for ways to de-stress our lives. Relaxing art offers a sanctuary from the chaos.


Play it Again: An Expression of Music in Fine Art

An expression of music does not come in through only the sense of hearing, but it is an ever encompassing feeling of passion, joy, inspiration, or divine connection.


The Art Nature Collection

One of the earliest inspirations in all forms of art, nature remains a strong force in our lives, as seen in Eden Gallery's nature collection.


Buy Art Online With the Eden Shop

Eden Gallery is excited to share with you our new online shop where you can find shadow boxes, sculptures, paintings, and more!


7 Reasons Why Your Office Needs Art

Boosting creativity, reducing stress levels, & providing an aesthetically pleasing environment, office art has more benefits than you would initially think.


Art Exhibitions of 2019: Twelve Months of Memories

2019 was a year of amazement with art exhibitions around the world and new collections wowing international audiences. Here is our year in review!

An Expression Of Creation By Yoel Benharouche And Dorit Levinstein

On Thursday evening, more than 300 people gathered at our Mayfair gallery for the grand unveiling of our ‘Garden of Eden.’ Art connoisseurs joined us in a...


Join Eden Fine Art and Yoel Benharrouche at our beautiful Gallery at Madison Avenue, to celebrate the opening of Yoel’s new collection of original...


Yoel Benharrouche ‘The Four Levels of Consciousness’

On the 28th November 2018, the gallery opened its doors and invited a selection of art connoisseurs to be a part of Yoel Benharrouche’s “The Four Levels of Consciousness”

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