Contemporary Comics | How American Comic Art Stays Relevant in 2020

Offering appealing visual imagery and insight into our very own childhoods, comics live on in fine art as seen in Eden Gallery’s Comic Collection.



Eden Fine Art is bringing Alec Monopoly to Art Basel Miami in style! Together we will be hosting the most exclusive party of the week! 


Alec Monopoly: How One Young Graffiti Artist Represents a New Age of Fine Art

Over the last three years, Alec Monopoly’s art has massively increased in popularity, especially amongst the younger generation of art investors.


Mykonos Party – $PF Monopoly

Yesterday in Mykonos Alec Monopoly reached a milestone of artistic endeavor painting live on a floating sculpture to kick-off $PF Monopoly, an exclusive exhibition featuring his newest collection.


Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees… but It Does Float in Mykonos!

You have seen him paint on buildings, paint on cars, he even paints Hermes Birkin bags, but never have you seen this!!!



Something is stirring up in the Mediterranean sea… The famed Alec Monopoly is on his way to Mykonos to show off his new collection of graffiti styled art under the gleaming sun in his latest [...]


Get Your $hare

Alec Monopoly's latest collection Bond $hares reimagines his iconic depictions of Rich Uncle Pennybags and Richie Rich on a very unique canvas…


New York Gallery Landscape

New York’s gallery landscape is not only vast but also remarkably varied, with galleries as plentiful as coffee shops New York City does not lack in an artistic milieu.

Monopoly Money – Where to Invest Your$

Last year alone Alec Monopoly’s artworks saw a 25% increase, becoming a highly sought after commodity by art patrons and investors alike...


Girl Got Banksyed

“We’ve been Banksy-ed,” says Alex Branczik, head of Sotheby’s contemporary art in Europe, after one of Banksy’s most recognizable pieces “Girl With Red Balloon,” was...

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