Valentine’s Day Art: The LOVE Collection

Eden Gallery is celebrating this dedicated day of love with a special Love collection of art from a variety of our exclusive artists.

International Artists Day

International Artist Day is the opportunity to honor artists for their significant contributions to society.

Butterfly Art

When a butterfly spreads its wings it also spreads color and joy. See how Eden's artists' are connected through their butterfly art.

Fourth of July | American Art

This year Eden Gallery is honoring the Fourth of July with new artworks celebrating stars, stripes, and freedom!


Superheroes in Art

Superheroes have been saving the public for generations. Eden's artists pay homage to these gallant, masked humans in the Superhero Collection!


Icons in Art

Eden Gallery's multi-faceted artists dedicate some of their works to the icons of the last century in Eden Gallery's Icons Collection.


Buy Art Online With the Eden Shop

Eden Gallery is excited to share with you our new online shop where you can find shadow boxes, sculptures, paintings, and more!


7 Reasons Why Your Office Needs Art

Boosting creativity, reducing stress levels, & providing an aesthetically pleasing environment, office art has more benefits than you would initially think.


Landmarks & Landscapes as Featured in Contemporary Art Around the World

We all have a different perception of life, which can, in turn, affect our outlook on the landforms that surround us. However, the one thing that unites them all is art.


Butterfly Beauties | SN in London

Art connoisseurs and gallery-goers enjoyed an unforgettable evening of live music, creative cocktails, and SN’s latest collection of butterfly beauties.

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