Yoel Benharrouche ‘The Four Levels of Consciousness’

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Established in the year 2005, Eden Fine Art Gallery on Madison Avenue has become a landmark building for members of New York’s art collector community for quite some time now. On the 28th November 2018, the gallery opened its doors and invited a selection of art connoisseurs to be a part of Yoel Benharrouche’sThe Four Levels of Consciousness” exhibition. Here, members of NYC’s ever-growing art scene had the opportunity to explore the duality between the mystical and the material world in a collection of exquisite, original paintings and sculptures.

Even from a distance, it was difficult to miss the arrangement of Benharrouche’s paintings hanging proudly on display in the huge floor-to-ceiling windows in honor of the event. His signature use of vivid colors, interesting shapes, and curved lines were easy to recognize and framed in silver, they looked as grand as ever. On the night, hundreds of stylish guests enjoyed champagne, canapes and a selection of hot tunes to compliment the colors, themes, and melodies that Beharrouche’s pieces paint for his audience.

It is no secret that Benharrouche knows exactly how to connect with his spectators, and instead of trying to issue them with a definition of consciousness, Benharrouche provided his guests with a range of thought-provoking compositions instead. His collection of works force spectators to stop and consider their awareness, their perception and of course their consciousness. For avid fans of Benharrouche, it was no surprise that the artist fails to ignore his infinite love for mystical contemplation. In the exhibition, “The Four Levels of Consciousness,” he portrays the idea of connecting with spirituality through the use of bold colors, shades, and lines. What’s more, he explores history, gender, nature and of course, the divine.

However, another theme that ran central to his exhibition is the idea that music is a gift. He uses form and color to create the illusion of a melody, in some cases even using the women in his paintings to take on the form of his musical instruments. What’s more, thanks to the 3D nature of the sculptures, it becomes almost effortless for the artist to project the idea that music is a part of us. In honor of the event, he even created a custom-made gown, complete with prints of his paintings, worn by a model throughout the evening. Attendees marveled at how the presence of this gown significantly added to the ambiance of the room, helping enhance the presence of music and the female form in a tangible and relatable way. In the “Four Levels of Consciousness,” he uses the relationship between the self-consciousness, music, and femininity to create his own version of reality and forces the spectator to be a part of it, even if just for a moment.

Yoel Benharouche’s Private Collection is available at Eden Fine Art’s ten unique gallery spaces across the globe as well as from the Eden Fine Art website. Click here for a full list of the artist’s works.


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