World Peace Day

Art is a powerful form of expression that acts as an agent of emotional relief for the artist who created the painting and the viewers who resonate with it once complete. Through various art forms, artists are allowed to express the workings, thoughts, and desires lurking in the subconscious. Simultaneously, a visionary work of art can captivate its audience and reflect their inner emotions, opening a deep vault of information, influence, and feelings.

Eden Gallery artist, painter, animator, and sculptor David Kracov depicts the beauty that emerges from tragedy through "Reflections," a metal wall sculpture commemorating those who lost their lives on September 11. The symbolic sculpture illustrates the New York skyline as 2,996 colorful butterflies soar towards the sky where the Towers once stood, each butterfly representing a life lost. This artwork induces a feeling of peace and serenity as it pays tribute to those who perished.


While creating his masterpiece, "Book of Life," Kracov was transported to Terezin and the trains of Auschwitz. Each vibrant butterfly represents the lost souls of the children being set free, symbolizing that their spirits will live on forever. Kracov's work transcends borders, putting something meant to be felt into a physical form of an expression while composing a sense of harmony within devastation.

Through sculptures, shadow boxes, and 3D wall sculptures, Kracov can reflect his inner vision to the outside world, heightening his viewer's awareness and highlighting peace within tragedy. World-renowned muralist Eduardo Kobra takes a different approach to using art as a gateway for expression and to strengthen the ideals of peace through public art.

Placed in public sights, Kobra's larger-than-life murals are a form of collective community expression. Utilizing bright colors and bold lines while staying true to a kaleidoscope theme, Kobra uses the power of street art to promote peace to the masses.

"Colors of Liberty" is a series of murals representing Kobra's protest against contemporary injustices. The project takes a peaceful approach to create awareness of complex issues such as the immigration crisis, environmental problems, racism, and the importance of disarmament. The murals include several leaders who fought for peace, encouraging others to do the same and make positive changes in the world.    

In celebration of International Day of Peace, observed annually on September 21, we applaud the artists that play an essential role in fostering peace and prosperity for people in every corner of the planet. The encouraging work of David Kracov and Eduardo Kobra reflects a world where peace and compassion overcome suspicion and hatred. Explore our Eden Gallery website to see more harmonious artworks by exclusive Eden Gallery artists, or visit your nearest Eden Gallery today.

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